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First Step™ Program -- How It Began

Dr. Nerida James teaching drug withdrawal techniques

Dr. James teaching an assist technique
To Help Get Someone Off Drugs

"I was becoming increasingly concerned about the numbers of drug addicted patients coming into my two practices in Melbourne. It was averaging six out of ten new patients who were coming in were drug addicted.

"In July 1997 an incident happened that was to be the clincher that finally made me take up the role of helping Australia solve its ever growing drug problem.

"That night in July I went into the city centre and as I was walking down a main street to pick up my 19 year old daughter who had been waitressing, I looked down a side alley and saw a young couple with a small child shooting up heroin. I was appalled by this scene. I kept walking and two policemen were out the front of a cinema busting a guy for dope (marijuana). It was around 11:30 p.m. when I picked up my daughter. I witnessed the young people around me. They had pinhole eyes and were either stoned, drunk or smacked out. They all wore black, with metal bits hanging off their bodies in various places, and their behaviour was not their own. My mouth was open with surprise at the quantity of people like this. I felt like I was in a psych ward, not the street of my beautiful Melbourne City. It was then I really said "That's it!" Someone has to take up this cause, so it may as well be me!"

~~ Dr. Nerida James

Dr. James, a chiropractor and naturopathic physician, who knew about the Narconon® program, then went on, through unswerving dedication and great diligence, to develop her "Get Off Drugs Naturally" program. A few years and 250 successes later, Narconon International codified and officially released the "First Step Program," which is now being delivered worldwide.

Save a life! Learn how to help someone by using the Narconon First Step program.

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