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First Step Expansion in Mexico

Narconon Expands First Step™ Program
and Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mexico

When the first Narconon Center was established in Queretaro, Mexico in 1998, this area of the country took a big step towards handling their all too pervasive drug problem. In the past 13 years, Narconon Mexico has greatly expanded their drug rehabilitation services, now having rehabilitated hundreds of addicts and educated thousands of youth in this region to the point that they needed a new, larger facility. Now they have opened one in a town about an hour east of Queretaro, in Celaya, Mexico.

This new facility recently opened with more spacious and extremely comfortable premises, and offers all of the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab program to residents of the surrounding areas of Central Mexico. Narconon's program includes a comprehensive series of steps which involve the recovering drug or alcohol addict in effectively improving his life and health so that he can return as a productive and drug-free member of his family, town, country and society. It helps him to withdraw safely and comfortably from drugs or alcohol, and gives him many tools and training in life skills so that he can regain his self-respect, and resume his life, drug-free. Seven out of ten people who go through the program remain drug and alcohol free for at least two years after returning home, according to follow up studies on Narconon graduates.

In this normally quiet area of Mexico, there are intense drug wars and drug cartels have been busy making millions off the drug abusers in the town of Celaya and its surroundings. As the Narconon Mexico staff were aware of the high percentages of drug abusers among this population, they also have continued to reach out into the community with drug education and prevention seminars delivered in churches, schools, businesses and many other community groups.

Recently, Clark Carr, the President of Narconon International, based in Los Angeles, and Narconon Mexico directors and staff extended their offer to help the community even more broadly. The Deputy Director of Narconon Mexico, Marisela de Espinal, and Mr. Carr went on a local TV station to announce their continuing work of bringing the Narconon First Step program to over 100 drug rehab centers in Mexico.

Viewers, especially staff of local drug rehab centers, were invited to attend a workshop for all to learn the techniques of the Narconon First Step drug withdrawal program, so that they could implement these in their own centers.

Clark Carr and Laura Capaceta of Narconon International delivered the workshop with the help of the Narconon Mexico's Executive Director, Eduardo Espinal and Assistant Director Marisela de Espinal. It was a big success, as evidenced by the many attendees who then wanted to implement the Narconon First Step drug withdrawal in their centers.

The Narconon First Step Program is a drug-free approach to drug withdrawal. It is designed to help an individual come off drugs without experiencing the severe withdrawal symptoms that can often occur to a person trying to kick a drug habit.

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