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Narconon Helping Mexico with drug abuse

Helping Sonora and Michoacan With Drug Abuse

Not far from the Morelia Cathedral in Michoacan, Mexico, church bells should be ringing out for more than religious reasons. And, in Sonora, Guaymas and Uruapan, there are now unique reasons to be hopeful, with a promise of help for many Mexicans who are battling their drug addictions.

The media is full of the violence and drug wars caused by the extremely powerful Mexican drug cartels. But what of the destroyed lives left in their wake? These people are in need of help, and Narconon has recently answered that call.

The President of Narconon International, Clark Carr, traveled to Mexico four times in the last two years, bringing with him Narconon's unique drug-free withdrawal procedures: The Narconon First Step™ Program. Mr. Carr is sharing these safer, more effective ways of kicking addiction with the many Mexican men, women and children who are in desperate need of help. If these people can free themselves of their addictions, the demand portion of the supply-demand equation would be lessened, therefore making fewer people to support the drug barons.

Mexican drugs of choice include heroin, meth, and "hielo" or ice, which is the smokable variety of methamphetamine. And alcohol is still a huge problem there, (the world's most abused drug), as well as glue and other inhalants.

The Narconon First Step program is a full set of tools to help one safely withdraw from drug and alcohol addiction. It is composed of drug information and training on specific nutritional and assist techniques to reduce pain and minimize mental and emotional discomforts when one is withdrawing from drug addiction. Then the participant learns tools to improve his communication skills and he studies The Way to Happiness, a non-religious, common-sense guide to making good choices in life. With this combination of factors, a recovering drug addict indeed has taken his first steps on the road to a drug-free and productive life.

"Drug addiction cannot be fought with guns," says Dr. Julio Marquez, Guaymas surgeon and emergency room doctor. "We need to address the problem at its root. That is why we asked Narconon to come down and show us its new simple, teachable tools to help our local rehabs and prisons."

"Drug addiction cannot be fought with guns."

~~ Dr. Julio Marquez

Mr. Carr visited men's and women's facilities in these cities and with the help of Mexican and American volunteers, demonstrated the pain reduction and emotion-calming techniques developed by American author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard.

Arturo Angel Medina, director of Uruapan's Providencia rehab group said that these are practical tools, and added "You can see it in the happier faces. Narconon and its help is welcome back anytime." "Yes, God bless Narconon for coming," said Leticia, Arturo's director of the Providencia children's rehab. "Come back soon."

"Narconon will", says Carr, "very soon. There is much more to do."

Narconon has helped many tens of thousands of drug addicts and alcoholics worldwide regain their health and begin to live a drug-free and productive life.

For more information on Narconon and the First Step program, visit our page on Drug Withdrawal or call the phone number above.

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