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How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

Sometimes a situation can go on for years where one family member drinks and cannot control their drinking. Life problems come up and perhaps other family members suffer from neglect or abuse. The home atmosphere is difficult. There are attempts by the alcoholic to improve but they come to nothing. How can a family member help him or her?

Alcohol Recovery Program

Many people find their recovery from situations like this at Narconon Alcohol Rehab Centers around the world. Many families have been able to restore their happy homes after the alcoholic completed the alcohol recovery program at Narconon. It's important to realize that when there is no improvement despite promises by the person having trouble with too much drinking, that you will need to find professional help. There are Narconon centers located on six continents around the world that bring help to people having trouble with alcohol.

There are certain qualities that mark an alcoholic: when he has a glass of alcohol, he has to drink until it is empty. He may have blackouts or be arrested for drunk driving but he continues to drink.

He persists in drinking despite the damage it may be doing to his health, job, career, finances and family. Many times the person cannot quit, even when he tries. He may feel a need for greater and greater amounts of alcohol in order to get the same "high" because a tolerance has developed for alcohol.

If you have a family member who is going down this road, you should be concerned.

What you can do to help this person starts with not hiding the problem . If you have been covering up for the person or trying to keep their drinking a secret, don't! You could go to the rest of your family and decide to help the person together. Then choose the person that you think the addicted person looks up to or respects the most to talk calmly with the person about the problem.

Make sure you choose a good time to discuss the problem, for example, when the person is fresh in the morning (and hasn't been drinking), and when everyone is calm and not overly stressed about other issues. It may be difficult to find this time, but for most people who drink, early in the day is better.

Also, try to talk to the person in a calm and non-accusative manner. Do confront him with the damage being done, whether it is to his health, the family (as in abuse), finances, jobs, accidents, etc.

Be straightforward. Do not back down or become sympathetic to the alcohol-addicted person's excuses. He now has to start to take responsibility for his behavior, and the damage he caused.

Alcohol Rehab Program

The Narconon program for alcohol and drug rehabilitation can help one to find his way back to an enjoyable and productive life. In fact, the program addresses the whole person, including having him or her face the problems that led to alcohol abuse and fully repairing the lingering damage done by alcohol or drug abuse.

Families who are looking for help for their alcoholic loved one just want to see the person get better, and the damage that has been caused repaired and future damage stopped. They want to keep the person out of arguments, fights or accidents and have a calm and happy home. And, ultimately they want the person to be healthy again.

The Narconon treatment programs are most often residential and average three to five months in length, making it a long-term alcohol or drug rehab program.

Drug Free Program

And, very importantly, the Narconon program does not substitute any drugs or medications that would prevent the achievement of a truly drug-free life.

Each person on the Narconon alcohol rehab program goes through a multi-faceted process of recovery. There are specific portions focused on the recovery of personal integrity, relief of guilt and depression, all through drug-free methods.

If you recognize some of these signs in a loved one, you need to persuade them to get help that will restore their self-confidence and integrity as well as wean them off of alcohol (or drug) addiction in an effective manner.

For many thousands of people in over forty-five years of delivery, the long-term inpatient program offered by Narconon has been the answer they were looking for.

Call Narconon today, at the phone number above, and get help for your loved one now.

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