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Why Is the Narconon Drug Rehab Program Different? (Part 3)

The Learning Improvement Course

"The Learning Improvement Course has given me the confidence I need to study and learn any material that someone puts in front of me. Thank you, Narconon, for giving me these tools."

~~ D.B.

"I love the new skills I learned in [the Learning Improvement Course]. I will be applying them in my everyday life from here on out. I wish I would of been able to use them in elementary school. Who knows where my education could of gone on to. But now I know and know I'll see just what my new grade point average will be. I'm going back to college asap."

~~ M.W.

The Learning Improvement Course

Narconon Course Room

Rehabilitation, of necessity, is a learning process. If a person wishes to change his habits in life, to remake himself, then he must be able to learn something new. Therefore, we address the skills involved in this process with its own course. Everyone does the course whether formally educated or not. They most likely would not have fallen into drug abuse if they hadn't had some problem learning in the past.

"I have now learned skills that will carry on with me for the rest of my life. These are skills I can pass on to others. Anything I do now I have confidence I will succeed to the fullest because I now know these skills."

~~ J.M.

What Makes Narconon Drug Rehab Different?

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