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Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana or cannabis may be the drug which has sparked more controversy worldwide than any other. It is the only drug used illicitly that is also used in the same form as a medically prescribed drug. The reason that it is prescribed is due to several supposed beneficial results from the medical use of marijuana while it is a harmless substance. If this is true, it would follow that people do not become addicted to it and do not suffer adverse effects from its use.

However, there are results that show that marijuana is addictive and often leads to using other drugs. For marijuana users, as well as users of other drugs worldwide, fortunately recovery is possible at Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world. But, it would be better if marijuana's actual properties were better understood by more people before they decided to begin using it.

Worldwide estimates show that there are 125 to 200 million people who use cannabis each year. In the United States alone, at least 2.4 million people take their first hit of marijuana every year. While the average age of a marijuana abuser is about 18 years of age, the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that 25% of those in America started using before their twelfth birthday and 32% more began using by their fourteenth.

Marijuana and Rehabilitation

As with recovering from any other drug addiction, recovering from addiction to marijuana necessitates certain definite steps. One has to repair the damage that one has caused to his relationships, to his ability to think clearly and he must regain his self-confidence in his ability to set and reach his goals.

Narconon Drug Rehab Centers Help People Recover from Drug Addiction and Abuse

Fortunately, for the past forty-five years, on six continents of earth hundreds of thousands of people have been helped by Narconon. There are residential Narconon drug and alcohol treatment centers in more than fifty locations around the world. At each of them, a person comes in addicted to some drug or alcohol and leaves without the addiction, fully able to face the future, drug-free and happily being productive. In fact, seventy percent of Narconon graduates remain drug or alcohol-free for at least two years following graduation from the program. This is one of the best success rates in the world in the drug rehab field and Narconon meetings aren't even needed after completing the program.

Marijuana Rehab Center

At Narconon recovery is accomplished without the aid of substitute drugs to help treat drug addiction. The person entering Narconon will go through a full physical detox program called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. It is a unique regimen consisting of daily moderate exercise, time in a dry heat sauna and plenty of good nutrition, including supplements such as minerals, vitamins and nutritional oils. With this combination the person will detoxify his body of drug residues, and be able to think more clearly without the fog of marijuana or other drugs clouding his thinking. He or she also will have the support needed to locate and understand the reasons he started down the road to drug abuse. And to completely recover from addiction, each person then learns the life skills he needs to handle even difficult circumstances without resorting to the escape of drugs. It takes a very comprehensive program to achieve such life-changing results.

Marijuana Affects One's Perceptions and Mental and Social Health

It has been demonstrated that marijuana can create perception difficulties, foggy thinking and impair one's ability to solve problems. Thus, learning and memory problems can occur as a result of continued use. It can also cause poor coordination, which can end up in accidents and injuries. Because the effects of using marijuana can continue for weeks at a time, a daily pot smoker may incur a gradual reduction of their intellectual acuity.

Chronic marijuana use can also bring about anxiety and depression along with other mental health issues like psychosis and schizophrenia by those using a high potency variety of marijuana or by those using it very heavily.

How You Can Help a Loved One

If you care about someone who is abusing marijuana and cannot seem to stop by themselves, contact Narconon to locate a Narconon drug rehab center near you. Get the data on how Narconon can help them to end their addiction to marijuana. Call: 800- 775-8750.





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