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Narconon Alcohol Rehabilitation

What constitutes alcoholism? When an otherwise rational person chooses to drink excessively despite the damage it may be causing to their health, work, finances, and relationships, and they cannot quit of their own accord, it may be termed alcoholism.

The characteristics one may use to identify alcoholism include:

  • Alcohol consumption has become so strong that the person has cravings, or a strong urge or need to drink;
  • Person losing control; unable to impose discipline on his or her drinking;
  • A physical dependence and symptoms of withdrawal if the person quits consuming alcohol;
  • Developing a tolerance and thus needing to drink greater amounts to get the same effect as lower amounts gave before.

Source: The US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration definition of alcoholism.

The World Health Organization also adds that when the drinker tries to cut down on use, he or she is unable to, even when the habit is having a destructive effect on their life.

Unfortunately over two-thirds of problem drinkers do not believe they need help to quit drinking and most do not seek help for alcoholism until it has become a very serious and chronic problem. Some will never seek treatment. In fact, of the estimated 19.3 million people in the U.S. age 12 and over who needed specific treatment for alcohol abuse, in 2009, only 1.7 million did find some alcohol rehab treatment. (Only 8.8 percent of those who needed treatment for an alcohol use problem.)

How to Choose a Drug Rehab

When one does decide to curb or stop drinking, however, how does one know how to choose an effective rehab program? And, what can one expect such a program to do?

Narconon's Alcohol Rehab program is thorough and comprehensive, taking a person who is nutritionally and usually emotionally destroyed, and rehabilitating his life, so that they can once again live a productive, happy, drug-free life. Narconon exists in 40 countries worldwide, and has successfully helped many thousands of alcohol- and drug-addicted people since 1966.

With nine program components to help the recovering alcoholic or addict to rebuild their lives, Narconon is perhaps the most comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab program in existence. It includes gentle care and nutritional supervision at the outset, and a full Narconon New Life Detoxification Program which includes daily exercise, nutritional supplementation and dry heat sauna, helping to deeply detoxify the body from the effects of long term alcohol or drug use.

This is followed by life skills training in communication skills accompanied by practical exercises that help the recovering person to become reoriented in his environment, helping him to get a fresh viewpoint, unclouded by the alcoholic fog or drug haze that they may have been seeing before.

Thirdly, a full set of courses to help the person to recover his self-esteem and confidence, including determining what aspects of his or her life that caused him to turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place. Before he completes the program, each recovering alcoholic or addict has an opportunity to make any needed amends to his family or friends he may have hurt along the way. He also learns vital life skills, such as how to communicate effectively with others, and what causes his ups and downs in life. Finally, he recovers his own moral guide and makes a plan for the future without drugs or alcohol.

Of course, if it is you or your family that is affected by an alcohol problem; your employee or your boss or other close associate, the best thing you could do is to help the person to find an effective alcohol rehab facility and program.

Call Narconon today at the phone number above to find the help you need for yourself, an associate, or your loved one.

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