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Narconon Cocaine Recovery

Narconon Cocaine Recovery

Cocaine is a highly addictive and expensive drug that can cause an addict to create all kinds of excuses for his continuing use of the substance. To most cocaine users, the drug becomes so paramount in his thinking that he cannot simply stop taking it and start himself on the road to recovery (even though he may really want to). The drug is all he can think of, and it has effectively taken control away from the person, and is controlling his life. All of the excuses and promises to stop are merely the addict’s way of trying to continue taking his drug of choice, whether cocaine or alcohol or other drugs. Family members may be baffled by the barrage of promises made and may even fall for many of them, but this is not the way to recovery.

Family members who know of this addiction can turn to Narconon for effective solutions. It is fortunate that Narconon has successfully helped many cocaine and other drug addicts to completely recover and regain their lives. Narconon was started by an inmate in an Arizona state prison over 45 years ago, to enable heroin addicts to get clean and stay clean after they were released. The program has developed since then to the point that now, seven out of ten graduates of the Narconon program successfully stay clean and sober after returning home.

Recovery from cocaine addiction is possible and Narconon’s program helps abusers out of the trap of addiction without any additional drugs.

Beginning with a gradual and gentle withdrawal from the drug, Narconon staff personally oversee the health and nutrition of the recovering addict. The first steps include assistance to ease the pain of withdrawal as well as vitamin and mineral supplements, and escorted walks.

After this first step and with the person now more comfortably able to face the deeper detoxification necessary to rid the body of the toxic effects of the drug, the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is begun. On this program, one frees himself from the confines of addiction with daily time spent in a dry-heat sauna, moderate exercise, and further nutritional supplementation. Most people report that completing the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program causes them to have far less cravings for the drugs.

After this portion of the program, there are many more steps undertaken with the recovering addict to regain an unclouded view of the world around him. Then he learns how he got into the drug dependency he was in, and learns further how to handle people who may lead him down these wrong alleys. Additional life skills training is given to help the person learn to communicate with his friends and family more effectively and to help him to confront the issues he faces and make correct decisions, uninfluenced by the trap of drugs.

There are even more steps the recovering cocaine addict will do before he completes the Narconon cocaine treatment program. Now with a fresh viewpoint, and some guidance towards a happier life, he will learn and adopt his own moral code and figure out how he can re-enter his life without drugs. He may have to make up some damage he has caused on his way down this unhealthy path, but recovery is possible!

It is being done every day at Narconon Centers around the world. It is possible for a recovering cocaine addict to fully regain control over his own life, and guide himself to a drug-free, happy future.

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