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Narconon Contributes to Effective Education Programs to Save More Lives

Red Ribbon Week events educate hundreds of thousands about perils of drug abuse

Recent statistics have shown a disturbing trend in drug abuse, even among 12 and 13 year old students surveyed in the United States. According to an annual drug use survey, there are more and more children using prescription drugs for non-medical uses, as well as increasing numbers using hashish and marijuana even at such an early age as 12 years old.

Therefore, at much earlier ages than one would imagine, effective education is required to combat growing trends towards prescription and other rampant illicit drug use and to prevent children from becoming drug addicts.

Some of the more effective campaigns involve the Red Ribbon Week, and Narconon centers in many parts of the United States have been leading the way in taking the message to youth, that drug-free lives are vital for a successful life. From the Narconon Drug Education presentations, students learn many facts they never knew about drugs. Armed with that education, they are far more likely to steer clear of this peril of adolescence and even pre-adolescence.

In fact, with Narconon's forty years of experience delivering drug rehab and prevention, it has been found that young people who gain knowledge and understanding in this area often make the decision to stay away from drug use.

Red Ribbon Week, the last week of October, is dedicated to drug prevention activities nationwide. It was started in 1985 as a proactive response to the drug-related murder of U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent Enrique Camarena in Mexico while he was helping to uncover a major drug cartel.

Each year, in acknowledgement of Red Ribbon Week, Narconon staff work tirelessly to get the truth about drugs to young people. Furthermore, Narconon Drug Educators present their message without preaching or scare tactics. Instead, they provide the students with a real understanding about the dangers of drugs and the damage they do.

Many schools and community groups hold special events for the week, and the Narconon program plays an integral part in a number of these. This year, the Red Ribbon Week will take place October 23-31st.

One Red Ribbon Week activity was held in Atlanta, Georgia where Narconon Georgia staged an event themed "A Drug Free Day in Georgia Rally" in Woodruff City Park. In cooperation with the City's Department of Community Relations and with representatives from the Mayor's office, the attendees were treated to entertainment along with a life-saving message. The message was clear that one can lead a healthy, productive life without drugs.

Additionally, Narconon Arrowhead Director of Drug Education J.T. Daily presented the Narconon program to thousands of students in schools throughout Oklahoma. Another Narconon Professional Drug Educator, Bobby Newman, traveled to Dallas to deliver presentations to school children in several schools there. The Narconon Arrowhead staff alone educated 6,250 students in just one week!

California is another state which has a successful partnership between the Red Ribbon Week and Narconon. There, Narconon Drug Prevention and Education specialists spoke with school children in more than 20 schools during the last two weeks of October, educating nearly 9,400 kids. The response to the program has been great, as demonstrated by the comments of one young elementary school student who said:

"...Now I know more things about (drugs) I'm sure that I will NEVER forget! I will teach that to other kids and people."

Further north in Seattle, Narconon staff teamed up with the National Guard for the local Red Ribbon week event, "Trick or Treat on the Waterfront." A number of kids joined in and helped distribute "Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs" booklets to those attending the event.

And in many other places around the world, from Washington, DC to Kharkov, Ukraine, staff of Narconon have reached out to thousands more students with the truth about drugs. In fact, in the Commonwealth of Independent States, over 11,000 students were educated through the Narconon drug education presentations during this week.

This year's Red Ribbon Week is planned for October 23-31st. More information is available at

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