Narconon Drug Prevention Program

Prevent Drug Use

The Role of Education in The Prevention of Drug Use and Abuse

Of the roughly 15 million drug users in today's United States, an alarmingly increasing number are children. 21st Century America is a nation which values "fast relief" and "easy and quick fixes" for the problems which we face. This leads, on an increasing basis, to experimentation with drugs. Experimentation all too often leads to genuine addiction.

Soon after its founding in the late 1960s we at Narconon determined that drug prevention meant drug education. Thus was born the Narconon Drug Education Program. Since its founding, Narconon staff have educated more than 3.5 million school children via this program. It has demonstrated great effectiveness in getting and keeping kids off drugs.

This program is active and ongoing, not just in the United States, but around the world. There is truly no civilized nation that does not place high value on the safety and well being of its children, As a result, the Narconon Drug Education Program has met with great acceptance around the globe

Each week Narconon drug education staff are engaged in training programs which teach communications and other essential life skills. With the resources available, we concentrate on high-risk youth. Peer leader training is used extensively in providing high school students with the skills that they need to help not only themselves, but to counsel their peers and prevent them from using and abusing drugs.

Through the use of outcome studies, we have found that, in order to be effective in early drug prevention (the most effective of all) we must tell our young people the truth and we must then provide them with vital information and tools that they need to make theor own decisions and to help their peers as well. We have a two decade track record of impressive results.

Evidence Based Education

No drug education program can long be effective which does not monitor trends in drug and alcohol abuse and then adjust its curriculum to address those trends. By doing this, we have kept the Narconon program fresh, relevant and highly effective. The youth of today is not the youth of yesterday. The world in which he lives bears little resemblance to the world in which his parents grew up and matured.

A key component to maintaining the effectiveness of the Narconon program is the survey which is done at the conclusion of the presentation. These surveys provide coherent data concerning the perceptions of the attendees and are used to plan and write needed changes in the program. As schools are increasingly being required to utilize methods which provide evidence of program effectiveness. These surveys are used also as a quality control tool, insuring that we remain in tune with our audience.

For information concerning the results of an outcome study recently conducted about the effectiveness of the Narconon program go to

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