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Why Is the Narconon Drug Rehab Program Different? (Part 4)

Communication and Perceptions Course

"It's something AMAZING! If I would tell you all the wins I had on the Communications and Perceptions Course I would need a dozen sheets of papers, but I'll tell just a small part of what happened to me and how I feel."

"First of all, I'm another person, totally different, more stable, more reasonable and with much more love to all my life and to myself, my family, friends, and many more. ... This feeling I have, it's better than any drug that exists in this world. ... I found out amazing things about me and my life."

~~ P.R.S.

Drug Rehab - Students doing the Communications and Perceptions Course

Students Doing the Communication
and Perceptions Course at Narconon

The Communication and Perception Course is the fourth of eight courses in the Narconon® program.

This course addresses observations that drug and alcohol abuse affects an individual's ability to focus on goals and objectives long enough to accomplish them. This is in part due to the fact that addicts tend to live in the past and to varying degrees disconnect mentally from the present.

First the student is brought to full conceptual understanding of the cycle of communication. The person's ability to confront tough situations improves. Then he or she learns to use communication to help another, guiding him or her through a series of exercises.

Drug use causes a dissociation from what is going on around the addict. These exercises put the addict's attention on carrying out a series of instructions that direct their attention to surrounding objects and their own body.

These exercises increase a person's awareness of his or her present-time surroundings while at the same time increasing self control and focus. The end result is an improved ability to set goals and achieve them.

Addicts are generally self-centered and focused primarily on themselves, ignoring others in their life. Helping another addict to begin to regain control of his or her life over addiction begins to break this pattern of behavior and instills a high level of responsibility in the individual.

"I had no idea that delivering [the drills] would bring a huge win like receiving--if not bigger! To watch the changes in someone and see them improve is such a great feeling. I could do this daily! ... To be able to keep my [unprintable] together and literally leave it behind enough to help another being is SOOOOOOOOOO freeing! ... "

~~ V.K.

"These drills really changed my life! ... I had AMAZING wins, unexplainable wins. It is hard to tell you how I feel after completing this [course]! Simply your systems are back to work and fine! It's very crazy! It's impressive really. I'm very fine and enthusiastic to live life again and in a very good way. ... "

~~ P.H.

What Makes Narconon Different?

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