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Why Is the Narconon® Drug Rehabilitation Program Different? (Part 5)

The Ups and Downs in Life Course

"The Ups and Downs in Life Course taught me how to determine who is a good choice for me to hang out with and who is not. Also it taught me how to handle problems that I may run into in life without the use of drugs and or alcohol."

~~ M.B.

"This [course] gave me a HUGE win! I was able to confront an issue I had carried for a long time. Now that I have confronted that issue I feel a great sense of relief!"

~~ J.S.

Narconon drug-free rehab -- picture showing someone having ups and downs in life

The Ups and Downs Course

The name of this course, "Ups and Downs in Life," refers to the recognizable characteristic of those in recovery who do well for a time and then relapse, recover and then relapse, etc. This course is designed to reduce the "downs" and facilitate stable upward recovery.

In this course the student learns that there are a small number of antisocial individuals actively devoted to destructive activities. Through association with such people, an individual's self determinism becomes suppressed and he begins to fail in life. He may begin to identify with these negative or anti-social people, who themselves have often adopted a drug addict or criminal life style.

The addict can then become aggressive and alienated, adopting negative attitudes toward family and friends formerly close to him who accept conventional values. Once the addict sobers up, a process of re-socialization begins.

This course is designed to encourage this process. The student is helped to identify the "social" characteristics of those who support sobriety and success in contrast to the characteristics of anti-social people. Through the exercises in this course, the student is helped to learn how to develop positive relationships with people and how to recognize and cope with those who have drug-oriented, criminal and destructive inclinations.

This ability to distinguish between who is and is not a real friend is tremendously important for when the graduated student returns to his home or work environment. Abilities gained on this course are a key life skill to reduce relapse to drugs and crime after program completion.

"This [course] has changed my life for the better!! I learned a lot about myself. Why I was doing the things I was doing. Why I was okay one day and the next I was not. This book not only helped me to differentiate between the two types of people in this world, but has helped me to understand why they are the way they are. What their intentions for their actions are. In learning that, I see that these types of people did in fact exist in my life. I now see how greatly these people had affected me. Now that I have been educated on the two types of persons, I am able to make wiser choices as to who I decide should be a part of my life. Who you associate with has a much larger impact on your life than you think!"

~~ M.S.

Why is the Narconon Drug Rehab Program Different?

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