Narconon First Step Program

The Narconon® First Step program was initiated to help handle the world's drug problem by giving people a way to help their friends and loved ones get off drugs.

Hospital drug withdrawal - Ghana

Drug Withdrawal in Ghana Hospital
Using First Step Methods

Some people form groups that teach these methods in educational workshops, while others study the Narconon First Step books and help addicts to come off drugs on an individual basis. Doctors and other health professionals have implemented this drug-free method of withdrawal from drugs in their practices.

This program has been successful in the inner city areas of the U.S. as well as in more remote areas of the world where there are often fewer resources. In countries such as Pakistan, Philippines and Ghana, people have implemented this program as a way to help solve the epidemic of drug abuse in their area.

The First Step program is for USE. It is a simple, but effective way to assist a person through withdrawal from drugs and can be easily learned.

Doctor treating drug addict in Pakistan with First Step withdrawal methods

Treating Drug Addict in Pakistan
with First Step Drug Withdrawal Method

If you know anyone who could benefit from this program to get through drug withdrawal, please pass the information along.

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