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What is the Narconon® First Step Program?

The Narconon First Step program is exactly what it is named -- a "first step." The first step, of course, is to get off the drugs, to stop using them.

The Narconon drug rehabilitation program uses a drug-free method of withdrawal (we don't substitute one drug to get off another). This can also be learned and followed by someone who desires to come off drugs on their own, with the help of another.

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In the Narconon First Step program, alcohol and other drug addicts come in voluntarily to an educational, hands-on workshop, accompanied by a sober, supportive family member or friend. In a one or two day format, these addicts learn about and start immediately using specific nutritional supplements, communication exercises, and other self-help assists to radically diminish the discomforts of physically withdrawing from drugs. Then, still on a voluntary basis, at home and calling in daily, or daily coming in to some designated place, these people step down off their addictions at whatever gradient is workable for them, with the support of their help-mate or family member.

How The First Step Program Works…

The program is made up of four parts, which have been found extremely successful in getting a person off drugs in a relatively pain-free manner. These four components work together to help an addict successfully and as painlessly as possible withdraw from drugs.

  1. Nutrition, including vitamin and mineral supplements, is the first component of the program. It has been found that continued use of drugs can speed up the burning of reserves of vitamins in one's system and can leave the person with severe deficiencies. These lost nutrients must be replaced during withdrawal or the person will continue to experience the discomforts brought about by these deficiencies. Considerable research into the field of nutrition and vitamin supplements has found them to be of great benefit in replenishing the body of lost nutrients vital to maintaining normal body functions and to ease the pain of withdrawal.

  2. The program also makes use of "assists." Assists are easily done procedures that can be applied by anyone to help a person recover more rapidly from accidents, mild illnesses or upsets. This is the second component of the program. The assists used are designed to help prevent or lessen any muscle spasms, cramps or pain the person experiences during withdrawal and help to lessen his predisposition to remain in an intolerable condition.

  3. The third compoment of the program consists of light "objective" procedures designed to help the person look outward and get in communication with the environment around him. Objective procedures are exercises done to help bring a person into the present by getting him to locate things in his environment. They direct a person's attention from inward on himself, his past experiences, or even his current physical or emotional pain, to outward to the environment where he is right now. By getting the person to look outward, these exercises ease withdrawal and make it possible for the person to successfully come off drugs.

  4. The fourth part of the program is the communication skills taught in Book 2. When one can both listen to another's ideas, even if they are difficult to understand, and also express one's own ideas well enough to be understood--that's communication. It's a good thing, and essential to getting and staying off drugs.

Whether delivered from a doctor's clinic or office, a community center run by a church or other social betterment group, or even by a private individual, results so far have shown that a remarkably high percentage of drug-using, addicted students who attend this "seminar format" workshop succeed in withdrawing to zero consumption, usually within 30 days.

The Narconon First Step program, which can be taught in a workshop, can also be obtained, learned and applied from the books shown below. The methodology was developed by L. Ron Hubbard, writer, philosopher, and humanitarian, from whose works have come the social betterment programs that address drug and criminal rehabilitation, education, and literacy.

narconon first step book 1
narconon first step book 2
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