Narconon Program - Heroin Detox

Narconon Heroin Detox

Narconon Heroin Detox

Getting through a heroin detox is the first step toward a heroin addict's recovery. One must get the drugs completely out of the system and sometimes this task is overlooked or even thought to be impossible. Some programs even give heroin addicts substitute drugs, such as "licit" or prescription heroin, which is a pharmaceutical grade opiate that the addict now will become addicted to.

These programs are trying to reduce the harm of heroin addiction, but they miss the point that they haven't eliminated the addiction, only made the harm of HIV and Hepatitis diseases among drug users somewhat less.

But, the truth is that through Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, a heroin addict can completely kick the drug habit and do so in a safe environment, with tolerable withdrawal symptoms. He can learn to live a drug free life and become a productive and happy member of society again. As this program has a success rate of 70%, meaning seven out of ten of its graduates do not return to drug use following program completion, it would be unfair to suggest that lifelong or indefinite opiate addiction is the only "solution" for heroin addicts.

The Narconon rehab program has for the past forty-five years enabled heroin addicts to successfully detox and fully kick the heroin habit, using drug-free withdrawal methods.

This unique program only starts with heroin detox, and progresses from there.

Narconon doesn't use any substitute drugs to replace the heroin. Instead, in the first phase, the addict gets through his withdrawal with a combination of nutritional supplements, physical assists and reorientation exercises provided one-on-one by a trained Narconon counselor. Former heroin and other drug addicts report that these simple, non-invasive and non-drug methods make withdrawal tolerable and confrontable.

Following the withdrawal, the recovering addict starts quickly on the next part of the program, the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This phase uses dry-heat sauna, moderate exercise and a strictly supervised diet with plenty of nutritional supplements to help flush the body of its toxic drug residues. The residues are lodged in the fatty tissues of the body and have been proven to be associated with cravings triggered long after drug use stopped. Removing the residues clears out these reminders and allows the user to be freed of his drug cravings. In fact, most former users report at the end of this portion of the program that their cravings for the drug are much less, and some even report no more cravings at all!

However, this is still just the second step of the program and there are six more steps or phases before one completes and graduates from Narconon. The following step involves more orientation exercises, and gives the former drug user a much more outward and extroverted outlook on the world, not colored by the haze of his drug usage. This phase helps the person gain more alertness and a heightened awareness of his present surroundings and himself.

It is at this point that the Narconon student, starts to learn some invaluable life skills which help him to confront the damage he may have done while doing drugs, and repair his relationships with family and friends.

More courses in this part of the program enable him to identify factors that may have caused his drug usage in the first place, and help him identify what types of people he should not associate with, on a course which basically teaches him how to tell the "white hats" from the "black hats" in life. More courses help the recovering addict to regain his personal integrity and then to chart a healthy and drug-free life, using a new, common-sense non-religious moral code.

Upon completion of the program (which may take 3-6 months), the former drug user will have much less tendency to reuse drugs, and will have a concrete plan charted for his new, productive and happier life.

It is always possible to reverse the damage done by drugs. Heroin addiction is not something to be lived with or tolerated, and it is not true that the only "solution" is substituting one drug for another.

Narconon Drug Rehab has been helping heroin addicts for 45 years worldwide to detox and come out the other side, with tools to put them stably on a healthy road toward a brighter future.

If you or someone you love has a heroin addiction, please call a Narconon Drug Counselor today, at the phone number above. Your data is strictly confidential.


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