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Narconon Heroin Recovery

Narconon Heroin Recovery

There is a long history of heroin creating addiction all over the world. It began basically as what people thought was a non-addictive solution to morphine addiction in the late 19th century. It was actually used to treat many soldiers who'd been left addicted to morphine after the American Civil War injuries and amputations they'd endured. Only later was it discovered the remedy was also creating addicts!

After this discovery, heroin was banned in the United States in 1914 and by the League of Nations in 1925. This just made the drug contraband, and drove the sales and marketing network underground.

Now heroin is the drug of choice of 12-14 million estimated addicts around the world. It is estimated that over $80 billion was spent in the US for heroin in 2009. That would be equivalent to each American spending $261 on heroin in that year.

Fortunately, one doesn't have to remain addicted to heroin despite earlier theories that "Once an addict, always an addict". Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs lead to full recovery from heroin addiction that is lasting and much less painful than many previous programs and treatments. Narconon has been helping heroin users to get on the road to recovery for over 45 years in countries all over the world.

Unsupported heroin withdrawal can be so grueling that several pharmaceutical protocols have been developed to anesthetize the person coming off the drug and shorten the withdrawal period. With a supported, tolerable withdrawal experience, anesthetics are not needed.

And instead of just reducing the harm that an addict faces as in drug substitution programs, Narconon provides a fully supported and closely supervised, residential, long-term, drug-free, tolerable withdrawal and treatment program that a drug addict can actually come out the other side of, and live a drug-free life thereafter.

At a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, the following first steps start the recovering addict in a good frame of mind toward recovery, and allow to know their is in a safe space, and will be cared for with gentle but close supervision throughout the rest of the program:

The recovering heroin addict at Narconon starts with a very complete nutritional program with a healthy diet, including supplements such as B vitamins and vitamin C which begins to help the body heal. Then, calcium and magnesium supplements are given freely to help with muscle cramping and aching often associated with heroin withdrawal. It is well-known and proven that the administration of nutritional supplements helps to soothe withdrawal discomforts of a heroin addict.

The next step is gentle re-orientation exercises with a trained Narconon drug counselor, which help get the person's attention outward, and onto their environment and off their aches and pains. The staff member will also administer physical assists as needed (somewhat like a gentle massage) to help the muscles relax and the nervous system to release stress of the heroin detox. Then the person gets to practice some simple communication skills. This helps bring the recovering addict's attention even more onto the present, and out of the drug-haze of the past.

Then he or she quickly starts on the Narconon New Life Detoxification program, which includes supervised daily time in a dry-heat sauna, moderate exercise and full nutritional support and additional supplementation. This much more complete detox takes about 3-4 weeks to complete, but at its completion, most addicts report that their cravings for heroin are much less and some even report no further drug cravings at all. The result of the New Life Detoxification program is that a person's body can now flush out the stored toxins that remained from his drug use. These residues have proven to be associated with cravings, even years after a person stops using heroin.

Next, he proceeds thorough life skills training courses which restore his personal integrity, rebuild his communication abilities even further, and give him/her the tools to make drug-free decisions and choices for a happier life. These are unique and wind up with a person who will choose (in over 70% of cases) to remain drug-free upon completion of the program.

The Narconon Program exists in 50 countries around the world, and has been helping heroin addicts on the road to recovery for 45 years.

Please call today and get more information about effective heroin recovery from trained Narconon Drug Rehab Counselors, available now at the phone number above.


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