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Narconon Heroin Rehab

Narconon Heroin Rehab

Heroin addicts can find help that works and kick the heroin habit. Even if you or a loved one has tried many other rehab programs, there is hope that real rehabilitation is possible. At Narconon, heroin addicts are treated with dignity and respect, and given very close supervision and personal care for the duration of the rehab process. This may take from three to six months, but the results are lasting and 3 out of 4 of Narconon graduates never relapse or return to taking drugs after completing the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

The Narconon program starts with drug withdrawal, and rather than substitute one drug for another (such as with methadone), Narconon uses nutritional supplements and plenty of one-on-one assistance to alleviate the worst of it. Then the recovering addict goes through the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, including daily moderate exercise, more nutritional supplementation, and time spent in a dry-heat sauna. This helps to rid the body of toxic drug residues left behind in the fatty tissues. These residues have been shown to be involved in cravings for more drugs and when they are eliminated, program participants report much fewer cravings. Some report no cravings at all at the end of this phase of the program.

There have been many studies documenting the actual drug residues which are excreted during this program, and most people report they also can think more clearly after these are gone, and are no longer viewing the world through the drug "filters" that existed before.

This phase of recovery is followed by unique orientation exercises to help the addict see the world anew, uninfluenced by his former drug haze.

After this portion of the program is done, the recovering drug user is able to think more clearly. Now he learns a number of very important life skills so that he can reenter the world drug-free and stay that way. He learns what kinds of people may have influenced him in his decisions to use drugs. Then he learns skills for making better, more ethical decisions. He confronts and handles many of the often disastrous effects he may have created on friends and family while he was under the influence of drugs. He also studies a brand new common-sense moral code to help him chart a drug-free life that will last long after he graduates from the program.

There is no set time that the program must take. It is completed at one's own pace so each person can embark on that new drug-free life when he is fully ready to do so. If it takes six months, this is still a small time to devote to real drug-free recovery.

For the past 45 years, tens of thousands of heroin addicts, cocaine addicts, and those trapped in the use of other drugs and alcohol have safely and successfully used the Narconon holistic addiction treatment methods to kick the habit and stay drug-free for life.

This is the program you have been looking for if you want a non-drug, holistic and effective heroin rehab program.

Please take the time to call for help today. An experienced drug counselor will talk to you confidentially. Call Narconon at the number above, now!

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