Narconon Offers Peer Leadership Training

Narconon Peer Leader Training

If you want someone to listen to an anti-drug message, there may be no better person to deliver this message than one's peer. This is what has been found in Narconon through many years of delivering its successful drug education program. Peer leaders can effectively communicate and educate young people about drug abuse and other subjects provided they have proper training. Narconon developed a Peer Leader Training program as a result of all their experience with successful drug education and prevention.

In this program, students learn the skills needed to allow them to communicate effectively with their peers. They learn to take a leadership role and become active in battling the substance abuse problem in actuality. The students who become peer educators learn necessary communication and listening skills to enable them to successfully relay information to other students. They also learn through a series lessons how to focus their attention, face head-on issues they may otherwise want to avoid, and to really listen to what another person is saying. The result is that the students are more confident in their ability to communicate with others.

They are able, among other things, to set a good example for younger students, and show them how life is more enjoyable without indulging in drug abuse. This peer leader training requires that they demonstrate their ability to actually relay the information effectively to others. Students who become peer educators learn the correct information about substance abuse and how to relay it to other students. They actually become leaders so their peers look up to them and wish to follow their example.

In the second part of their training, peer educators learn skills to enable them to work with other people who may have different literacy levels and be of different ages. They become proficient at surmounting any communication barrier so they can confidently communicate to all types of different people.

Peer Leader Training Narconon

Depending on the needs of each group, this type of training can be tailored to others' specific needs. Each program is made to foster a more cohesive group that will continue to be active in the school or the surrounding community.

Specific communication skills are applied to the theme that is appropriate for that situation. For example, training can be applied to building up leadership skills and forming positive role models. It can be done for the purpose of creating broader community education and participation. It can also be simply focused on alcohol and drug abuse education. Violence prevention, peer counseling or public speaking can all be addressed with specific training programs.

Narconon also conducts training for drug educators that can be used in or out of classroom settings. These workshops teach the techniques and tools that are used in the Narconon program.

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