Drug Education the First Vital Step in Preventing Drug Abuse and Addiction

Preventing Drug Abuse

Children are bright lights in our society. The future is in their hands. They love to try new things and find new ways of being happy. When trying new things leads to drug use, all hope is soon destroyed. The thing that they thought was "cool" or would make them "feel good" turns into a nightmare. Unfortunately, kids now get an awful lot of misinformation about drugs from their peers. A real drug education containing the truth about drugs is imperative if these young people will be able to grow up sober.

When thousands of addicts enter rehab every day throughout the United States, we can see a real problem. They didn't know when they began using drugs that their lives could take such a miserable turn. This only highlights the extreme importance in educating kids at a young age about the danger of drug abuse and addiction.

Narconon is Educating Youth on the Dangers of Drugs

Narconon Drug Education

In the U.S., the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation and education centers have striven to provide young people with the right materials about drugs, enlightening parents and kids alike on illegal drugs and the consequences of using them. Narconon has been delivering a successful rehab program for more than forty-five years, saving thousands of addicted lives. The staff know that education is key in stopping kids from destroying their lives with drugs or alcohol.

The Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan has joined a countrywide campaign to bring the truth about drugs into the schools. Nicholas Thiel is the Senior Director of Expansion for Narconon Freedom Center and states, "Our center is full of those addicted to alcohol and drugs who are working very hard to recover their sobriety. We also want to help educate kids so they never go down this road." There are more than four thousand schools in Michigan, so it is a big job.

Narconon centers in Michigan, Florida and Georgia are very active in drug education. They believe in tackling the drug problem and substance abuse from both sides - rehabilitating the addict and providing drug education so kids can decide for themselves to stay away from drugs. One effective educational tool that all these centers use is the video program entitled The Truth about Drugs. Education kits for teachers include a series of videos as well as a booklet of lesson plans. Topics are covered such as the full explanation of what a drug is, descriptions of the various street drugs and what they do to the body and mind. In addition to providing kits to teachers, the Narconon centers participate in community events to promote drug-free lives. For example, Narconon Georgia handed out drug prevention and educational brochures at the Fourth of July celebration in Norcross.

The Truth about Drugs Video Program Gets Positive Response

Ecstasy DVD

When students have seen the Truth about Drugs video program, they learn so much that they didn't know before. After viewing this video presentation, many students who previously were not sure if they would do drugs in the future said that they definitely would not. And they also knew how to give their friends information so they would not do drugs either.

Some responses from those watching this video were: "Thanks! You changed my view on drugs completely," and "I can use this to show people who do drugs how stupid they look and really how uncool it is" and "I can use what I learned to influence other people to NOT do drugs."

Narconon Provides the Most Effective Drug Education Program

Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation and education programs have gotten positive results again and again. Educational kits are provided for schools and institutions around the United States, thanks to sponsors and donations. The objective is stated best by the Executive Director of the Narconon Suncoast Rehabilitation Center in Florida. She says, "We like to tackle the alcohol and drug abuse problem from both ends. On one end, we help rehabilitate addicts so they recover and live productive, drug-free lives and on the other end, we provide drug prevention education to young people so they can learn the truth about drugs and never start using them."


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