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Why Is the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program Different? (Part 6)

"... When I started this [Personal Values and Integrity Course] it was truly rough because I didn't want to see that a lot of the things that I had done were wrong... but, I noticed that the more that I wrote the better I felt, not just about me, but I felt better about the situation itself."

"I no longer saw the things that I had done as these HUGE terrible deeds that I needed to forget. I saw them for what they were with this new found confront I have on my past!"

~~ J.S.

Values and Personal Integrity

The Personal Values and Integrity Course

Course Six of the Narconon® educational rehab program, the Personal Values and Integrity Course, addresses the fact that lack of respect for conventional ethical behavior and the committing of repeated transgressions are common among addicts. As they attempt to conceal their use of drugs, substance abusers tend to wander farther and farther afield of a normal lifestyle. They make extraordinary efforts to solve the problems their transgressions have caused. It is a self destructive and alienating process.

The exercises in this course help students to formulate a set of ethical values that incorporate principles such as honesty and integrity. They come to understand that these values enhance their survival.

As part of the course's exercises, the student makes a specific and exacting inventory of past misdeeds, as well as of the resulting harm. The addict is helped to identify how and when misdeeds of omission or commission occurred, who was involved and the damaging outcomes. This helps the addict to experience significant relief from guilt, shame, and other such feelings.

Even more importantly, the student learns to figure out how to repair the negative consequences of his/her previous destructive actions.

"This was a really good course for me. I couldn't understand how writing things down could free you from it, but it does! It makes you take responsibility for things that you have done in life and it actually is an incredible feeling to un-burden yourself from these things you have done. This has helped me get even more control over my life and it has made me feel really good about myself again because I have taken responsibility!"

~~ G.B.

"The success and gains achieved [in this course] are far reaching and profound indeed. I always felt I had an ethical base, but with "ethics technology," I now have a way and a system to actually apply and monitor my ethical behavior. Now I know that by being honest with myself and my group I can stay ethical. ... This tech has really given me freedom to be free again and the ability to demand the highest level of survival for myself!"

~~ D.M.

What Makes the Narconon Drug Rehab Program Different?

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