Drug Addiction

What if the Addicted Person Does Not Want Help?

Narconon Drug Intervention

Is it possible to help someone if he doesn’t know he needs help? It is common for an addicted person to feel trapped in his addiction, that he has no choice in the matter. He may feel it is hopeless and thus may reject the help one offers.

However, it is possible and sometimes necessary to take steps to make sure that the person with the addiction doesn’t injure himself or others. If you wait until he hits bottom it may be too late, because the bottom could be fatal. Some people will die of an overdose or a violent injury caused by the influence of drugs. There are also several very serious diseases that are easy to contract if one is injecting drugs. For example, HIV and hepatitis C are just two of these. The time to intervene is far earlier in the person’s addiction.

It is understandable that the addicted person doesn’t allow those closest to him to help. After all, he has frequently done damage to or stolen from those he loves, and feels ashamed or embarrassed to accept help from those he’s hurt.

In these cases, or if you just don’t know how to convince a family member who is suffering with the pain of addiction to seek help, an interventionist may be the right answer.

Narconon Drug Intervention

Here is what an interventionist can do for the family and an addicted person. He is skilled at helping the person to see the bleak future ahead if they remain in their current lifestyle and that there are alternatives to remaining trapped in his addiction.

Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer a comprehensive, holistic and drugless inpatient program that gets one back on track and gives one a chance for a sober and productive life. The interventionist can help the individual to see that by going to the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, he can have life back like it once was, before drugs took control over him.

At Narconon, the person can experience relief from the suffering he has endured, and will rid his body of the drugs and their residues. He will go through the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, which consists of daily moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a dry-heat sauna. After this program, many have reported that they no longer have the cravings for drugs they had been addicted to before.

The Narconon program doesn’t stop with just handling the body and freeing it up from the drugs. It also consists of a full lineup of courses in vitally important life skills, which give one the tools to recover and repair his relationships with family and friends. These courses give him back his self-esteem, and teach him a common-sense moral code to help guide his future decisions.

On the Narconon program, an essential element of recovery is for each addicted person to realize that he or she is responsible for his or her life and future. It is also very helpful to have the support of one's family and their encouragement to make lifetime sobriety possible. One completes the Narconon program and graduates when he has a workable plan for a drug-free, enjoyable and productive future life.

Drug Intervention Works

Narconon has an excellent success rate, with fully seven of ten graduates of the program living drug free and productive lives at least two years after completing the program. If you need to help someone with drug addiction, contact a Narconon drug rehab counselor today.

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