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"I progressively gained more and more confidence..."

Narconon Newport Beach drug rehab graduate

Narconon Graduate
After 15 Years of Addiction: "I'm Back"

"Just the other day, my best friend, who also happens to be my older brother said to me, 'You truly are back and in better shape than ever before!'

To understand the significance of this statement you would first have to understand the years of disappointment, concern, and disgust my drug addiction caused to those I care about and even eventually to myself. It wasn't enough that I disappeared from their lives, but that I only reemerged when it served my need, to ask for money or favors or even to blame them for my own mistakes.

I cannot tell you how empty I was inside or how dim my future looked while on drugs because I barely remember myself! I was all consumed with chasing my chemically induced high which preoccupied a 15 year span of my life.

Thanks to the basic life skills that the Narconon® program is built upon, I progressively gained more and more confidence to confront my life and restore to my family, friends, and myself the stable, outgoing, person that was missed. Since gaining the viable tools to recover my real self, I have gained back all those lost years and lead a very productive and fulfilling existence in which everyone wins from my hard work.

"And in response to my brother's statement, 'You bet I am!'"

~~ G.F.

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