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"My win on this program has been to find answers to the questions I was always asking myself: What am I doing here? Why am I consuming? Why do I do bad things if I am a good person? These are questions I asked myself and I could not answer them. In the Narconon program, I have found answers, and with these answers I know that everything is going to be better. I have also opened my mind and my spirit to other things that were unimportant for me. This has been very satisfactory and also caused me personal gain. I enjoy every book and I believe it, and more important, I am very interested in continuing learning this technology."

~~ L. G.

Narconon Colombia staff

Drug Rehab Center Bogata Colombia
Narconon Staff

"First of all, I want let you know that I am very happy to be part of this very select group. I also want to validate you for everything you are doing and continue to do for us--not only for Narconon Colombia, but for all the Narconon centers in the world. Thank you for always taking care of us and helping us feel we are an important part of the Narconon network. I am sending you a picture of my baby and my husband."

~~ Eskarly
(Written to Narconon International.)

Jorge - Narconon Colombia staff

Jorge - Narconon Colombia Staff

"I have been a staff member here at Narconon Colombia for six years. I am very happy, thanks to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard."

~~ Jorge

Narconon Colombia academy course room

Bogata Colombia Drug Rehab Center
Course Room

"With the Narconon program, I got control over my life. I can handle and take responsibility for my transgressions. I learned to detect suppressive sources and how to handle them. Besides that, I realized that ethics is the only thing that a person needs to be able to help yourself to flourish and prosper."

~~ D. U.

Narconon® Colombia came into being in 1994 in Bogota and has been stably there saving lives ever since. Additionally, they serve as a training center for Narconon staff from other centers in South America.

Narconon Bogata Colombia - drug rehab center

Bogata Colombia Drug Rehab Center

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Narconon Colombia



Phone: 091-847-3609

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