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"...The feeling that you are born again is a feeling you have to experience yourself..."

Narconon graduate from Denmark

Narconon Denmark
Recovered Drug Addict

The day has come where I should say "thank you from me" to Narconon Denmark. The last 8 months of mine had been at Narconon Denmark quitting my addiction and getting control over life back.

I arrived at Narconon® October 2005. The day came in May 2006. I was finally free again. That was how it felt, at least. That day I never forget. The feeling that you are born again is a feeling you have to experience yourself. I had not seen my family or friends for 8 months. It felt like years.

I remember sitting in the airplane, the clouds disappeared, and I saw Bergen with big eyes. I don't think I have been happier to see my hometown as I was that day. The tears ran down my cheek when the airplane landed on the airstrip. I couldn't help it--it was tears of joy.

I was warmly welcomed by my mother in the airport. It had not really come to me that I was on my own legs again. I had my own money and my cell phone in my pocket. Nobody to take care of what I was doing--no roll call, no course. But it was something I wanted to use, what I learned at Narconon. I should get into routines again and visit people. I never contacted the friends I had when I took drugs--still I haven't talked to most of them. I went to see the friends I had before my addiction and spent a lot of time with them. These are who I will call real friends.

I started to work as a landscape gardener again and go to school in the evenings to educate myself better. Very much of what is happening in my life after Narconon I am achieving because I did the Narconon program. It has given me huge wisdom and a turning point in my life.

How is it today? I have a full time job, am buying a new apartment, and study in the evenings. It is completely possible, and I know that when I have made it, others can too--and will. This is the biggest win I have had so far. Thank you Narconon!

~~ K.A.S.
Narconon Denmark Graduate

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