Narconon Review

Narconon Drug Rehab Review

"...I have acquired a couple of Bachelor Degrees' and even an MBA, but I swear to you, I received more from this program than any of those. ..."

"In the past 40 years I have met hundreds, perhaps thousands of Narconon® students worldwide. Today at the graduation of Dawn, I have never been more proud of someone completing the program. She has been completely dedicated to finishing the program with the highest standard.

"Dawn has accomplished many things in her life, including an MBA in Education, fourteen years experience teaching, recipient of the Governor's Red Ribbon Week Community Leader Award, mother of three beautiful children, and the list goes on."

~~ Gordy Weinand
1967 Graduate of Narconon Program

Narconon graduate from Georgia

1967 Narconon graduate Gordy Weinand
salutes 2007 graduate Dawn T.

"My favorite quote is from an old Tom T. Hall song and it suits me to a tee right now because right before I decided to come to rehab, I was lost and felt like a loser. The things I had accomplished in my life didn't depict a loser, but that's how my drug use had affected the way I felt about myself. Well, I don't feel like that at all now. I feel like a winner. The quote is.

"I love winners when they cry, Losers when they try, Music when it's good, AND LIFE!

"Sadly, many people get their happiness only from outward circumstances. As long as their lives are untroubled, they feel happy, but when they get sick, or a relationship breaks down, or any of a thousand other unexpected troubles overwhelm them, then their happiness leaves.

"Peace is what we all long for. Peace within me is one of the things the Narconon program has helped me find. It gave me what I was never able to figure out on my own. Of course, the main thing I learned was that there was a way out of the tortured life I had made for myself with my addiction to drugs.

"Narconon gave me more than a haphazard means to deal with life. I received knowledge of a carefully thought out, researched and tried plan that was formulated and taught to me by my awesome course supervisors.

"Whenever I didn't totally get something from the books or when the stuff in the books became real life situations and I had trouble dealing with them, there was always a staff door open to me somewhere. No one ever turned down any of my questions, tears or fears. If I wasn't there at course, there was always someone just a phone call away.

"As a matter of fact, I thought surely I would drive Mr. Gordy bananas at some point. he began having imaginary friends.lots of them named "LOUIE!" BUT instead of letting my foulups and confusion drive him crazy, he used tolerance, kindness, humor, compassion and wisdom to turn all of my questions into one of the greatest mentorships and friendships I have ever had.

"My family has a tendency to look down on the program because it even has the word 'drug' in the name. I intentionally introduced Gordy Weinand to my sister, mother, brother-in-law, and even my 14-year-old son. They had immediate respect for the man and in turn have a changed attitude about the organization. It was a big win for Narconon's public relation man when my 14-year-old, after meeting Gordy, commented, "Mom, that guy is really cool!" (My 14-year-old has nothing to say about any grownup.)

"Each person here has helped me somehow-students and staff-whether it was a very positive student who arrived here when I did, or a brand new student who I happened to walk by yesterday who was not having a good day in orientation. I'm sorry to say I haven't learned his name, but it helped me to take time to stop and give him a nerve assist. He said afterwards that he felt better and thanks. I replied, "No problem. Someone did that for me when I first got here. Glad to help." It helps me to help others. Anyway, thank you, Narconon.

"Students: Do this program. Future students: Do this program. I have acquired a couple of Bachelor Degrees and even an MBA, but I swear to you, I received more from this program than any of those.

"I have come all the way from lost hope on August 1st, 2006, to a positive, self confident, happy person on January 3, 2007. I am at peace with myself and very proud to be a Narconon Graduate!"

~~ Dawn T.
2007 Narconon Graduate

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