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"...Maybe I can save a life too."

Narconon drug education presentation in California

Tony Bylsma, Narconon Drug Educator
California Anti-Drug Presentation

Tony Bylsma is a Narconon® graduate of 1976 and recently celebrated his 30th anniversary of a drug-free life. Tony is now the Executive Director of Narconon Drug Prevention & Education in California and has spoken to more than 300,000 students, parents and teachers in his career as Narconon speaker.

After going through rehab himself and then helping others recover from addiction, Tony has come to realize how important it is to prevent drug abuse BEFORE it starts.

"There is only one sure way to avoid the damage and destruction of drug abuse--to never start.

"The time for good judgment is BEFORE drug use starts. The fact that many addicted persons began their experimentation with drugs at age ten, eleven or twelve means we had better be in their classrooms, on their television channels and in their faces with the truth about drugs before that point.

"Drug prevention activities are helping. Now is not the time to back off-now is the time to step up our efforts, to make the kids even more aware and to alert them to the elements in society that are trying to promote the use of drugs.

"It is imperative that we recognize that kids do have the power of choice and they will base their decisions on the information they have and trust.

"If we, as Narconon speakers, ensure that teachers, parents and young people have all the necessary information regarding drugs of abuse and make sure that kids are informed enough to make a decision about drugs as well as any adult, then we're going to finally see a reduction in the numbers of kids going down the road that leads to burned out, wasted capacities and ruined potentials."

~~ Tony Bylsma
Narconon Drug Educator

What the students say:

"Well, I heard Tony last year. I used to use drugs and since I heard Tony, I've been clean almost a year."

~ ~ ~

"I was planning to try those drugs and I changed my mind - not even gonna talk about it."

~ ~ ~

"After learning what might drugs do to your body, I quickly made a decision that I will never try an illegal drug even once."

~ ~ ~

"I had thought about taking E (ecstasy) before today and now I have no desire to want to do it."

~ ~ ~

"I always enjoy when Narconon comes to our school. I have many friends with drug problems and it really helps me learn what they went through and why they are at where they are. After hearing what Tony has to say, I always feel like I have better knowledge than I did before."

~ ~ ~

"The talk was very informative, best of any presentation I have EVER seen. I had fun as I learned. It answered some of my curiosity. I was intending to find out but now I know and I don't have to. I can use this to help my friends Maybe I can save a life too."

Narconon drug education presentation in California

California Anti-Drug Presentation

The Narconon drug education program is based on the works of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. For over thirty years, the Narconon drug education and prevention programs have told the truth about drugs to over 13 million people, most of whom are school children.

Contact info:

Narconon Drug Prevention and Education California
4442 York Blvd, Suite 18
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Phone: (323) 257-8009

Website: The Narconon Drug Prevention Program


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