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Students Review Narconon Drug Education

What children around the world are saying about the drug education presentations that are provided by Narconon.

As we all know, the ideal scene is to prevent children (and adults!) from taking drugs and therefore sparing everyone the problems and losses that come with drug addiction.

It's interesting to note that children who have participated in a Narconon® drug education presentation say pretty much the same thing, no matter what country they are from. Here are some examples:

San Diego California drug education presentation

Kids in San Diego participating in a
Narconon drug education presentation

From South Africa: "The fact that everyone is thinking that drugs is making life better when it is destroying your life... I now know that I will never ever consider using drugs."

Kids in Spain signing a poster to pledge they won't use drugs.

Kids from Spain signing a drug-free poster

From Ghana: "The drug education is very important to our society because we had learnt a lot from it. It has encourage us to move away from drug." ~~ Student from the Royal School

"I understand how drug is bad to use. I will advise my brothers and sisters about the drug." ~~ Student from the Learning Field International School

From Australia: "After hearing Charlie's talk on the effects of drugs on the body, I was definitely not going to take them. I was given this talk when I was 14 years old. I'm now 17 years old and have never touched drugs and never will. I definitely know that my decision was based off what Charlie told me and I thank him for that invaluable data."

From Sweden: "Dear Alex, I think your lecture was fantastic!!!! My friend was going to get some hashish for the weekend. My mother is going away and we were going to smoke hashish at my place. Now that you have told about the consequences, I am not going to do it (thank you)."

"Thank you for coming to our school. It was good that you came. You helped many in our class, I hope. You were also very funny. …I learned many things that I do not know, e.g. that drug residues stay in the body, that you quickly get addicted, that it is so expensive, that you get tired from coffee if you drink too much, that you first get stimulated, then tired, then throw up, then sleep and then you can die in the end." ~~ Oscar, 5th grade

From the U.S.: "I thought it was very educational. It taught me a lot about drugs and even though the talk never said, 'Don't do drugs,' I know I won't. If one of my friends are doing drugs, I can teach them what I learned." ~~ Grade 5, Roosevelt School, 6/17/03

From Mexico: "I thought I knew everything from drugs, but now I know I hate it, because it take our emotions out, and kill peoples feelings destroying their bodies and minds... I won't ever use drugs because I want to be happy..." ~~ Elementary school 5 student

It is not enough to provide effective drug rehabilitation and salvage those who have become addicted to drugs. All of us have the responsibility to reach out to young people and keep them from ever having to experience the agony and hopelessness of addiction.

If you know a child, or adult, who would benefit from learning the truth about drugs, Narconon can help. Our videos, books and booklets provide answers. If you have a specific question, or are seeking help for someone with a drug problem, please contact us at, or call us at the phone number above.

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