Narconon Review

Kid's review of Narconon Drug Education

A sample review: this one is by a middle school student, of the Narconon drug education presentation given at Venado Middle School.

"I will know 100 reasons why I should not take drugs!"

A review of the drug education presentation of Narconon at Venado Middle School

Q: 1. Can you tell us what you thought of the talk, and why?

A: I thought the talk was really really helpful in order for me to never take drugs. (I dont wanna stay in a sauna of 170 degrees for 5 hours long!)

Q: 2. Did your thoughts about drugs change after hearing the talk?

A: Yes, I always thought some drugs were harmless, but now I know all drugs are "poison"

Q: 3. How can you use what you learned?

A: I will use this talk with Mr. Tony when one of my peers offer me drugs, I will know 100 reasons why I should not take "DRUGS"!

~~ Venado Middle School - 6/19/01

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