Narconon Review

High School Senior: Narconon Drug Education Review

A sample review: this one is by a high school senior, after a Narconon drug education presentation.

"He showed the actual damage that drugs do...."

High School Senior's review of the drug education presentation by Narconon

Q: Can you tell us what you thought of the talk, and why?

A: I really liked the talk because I thought what I knew of drugs was all I needed to know but I was wrong. He showed the actual damage that drugs do. By him sharing his experience was great because it showed he really knows what things are and how they work. It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE. Thank you!

Q: Did your thoughts about drugs change after hearing the talk? How?

A: Very much so. I was in the mind set where if I only do things on the weekend it's okay. But in reality the day doesn't matter, it has the same effect. I realize taking or doing drugs for "fun" trulyisn't worth it in the long run.

Q: How can you use what you learned in today's talk?

A: I can use what I learned to teach others. I can relay as much as learned from Tony to my peers to give them the knowledge that I now have.

~~ Grade 12 - 5-29-08

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