Cocaine, Crack Cocaine and Heroin Use by Not-So-Typical Users

Narconon Review: Ashly

The typical picture we have of drug addicts is not necessarily a true picture of the current scene. Many people think of drug abusers, especially those with addictions to crack cocaine, heroin or powder cocaine, as being degraded, anti-social people. But many of them were moms and dads, successful businesspeople or healthy teens before a few mistakes headed them down a different path.

Crack cocaine can be very quickly addictive for many people, and sometimes, just a few uses of strong opiate painkillers are enough to start cravings for any opiate - even heroin. As far back as 2009, the New York Times began reporting on the increasing number of suburban teens who were becoming heroin users. Even in America's heartland, youth are abusing heroin brought in by Mexican drug cartels and overdosing when it is stronger than they expect.

Drug addicts are present among any group of people. People on drugs may be your neighbor, your attorney, your child's teacher or just about anyone.

Personally and most importantly, when drug abuse claims you or your family member how do you deal with it? How do you help someone who has a real problem with drug addiction?

Narconon Helps Addicts Hooked on Any Drugs

Drug Addiction Help

Luckily for many tens of thousands of drug users, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program exists all over the world. At more than fifty centers located on six continents, it is possible to find effective drug and alcohol rehab help for you or your loved one almost anywhere.

The program at Narconon involves a comprehensive approach to drug rehab, without using any substitute drugs as part of treatment. The program is so thorough that seventy percent of Narconon graduates recover long-lasting sobriety. This is the case for many people who come to Narconon from many different walks of life.

When Ashly G. was in high school, she was a good student and never used drugs, except perhaps to experiment with pot. In her first year of college, she tried cocaine, which led to her addiction to cocaine. This progressed to crack cocaine addiction and eventually she became addicted to heroin. She says she was addicted for about eight years before finding Narconon.

Before the Narconon program, Ashly was feeling sick every day, and felt worn out from all the drug use. She finally told her parents how bad it really was and they helped her to find the Narconon program. Ashly said she was most attracted to the sauna detoxification step at Narconon. She wanted to rebuild her body and get healthier, and she felt that the program at Narconon could help her to do that.

When Ashly talks about what she got out of her experience at Narconon, it far exceeded just helping her to rebuild her body. She says she learned so much that she is a whole new person now. She said she has never been so effective in life as she has been since Narconon. "Now I have the confidence and the knowledge that this is just going to continue and get better. If you follow what they teach at Narconon, you will remain sober and you'll be happy," Ashly concludes.

Drug abuse does not have to destroy your life or the life of a loved one. Call a drug rehab specialist to find out about all of the eight elements of the full Narconon program and the locations of Narconon centers near you.

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