Narconon Review: Arrowhead

Drug Abusers Lose Themselves to Drugs

Many people who abuse drugs seem to be different than who they were before they started using. When someone gets lost in drug abuse, he sees the world differently. His priorities become slanted only toward getting and using drugs. His friends from before he started abusing drugs are usually left behind. He may start hanging out with the dealer who provides him with drugs or other drug abusers. In this state of mind, he can lose his moral values and not be true to who he really is.

Rehab Graduate Barret

What might have started with experimenting with some small amount of a drug can easily become a very expensive practice. Then, just to maintain it, he may turn to stealing and other crimes. This is typically a person who would never have thought of committing crimes before. But the overwhelming need to get more drugs takes over and overrides his common sense.

The number of criminals who are imprisoned due to drug-related crimes is enormous. In 2011, nearly 50 percent of the criminals in all US federal prisons were there for drug-related crimes. At the state and county levels, this percentage is even higher. Most incarcerated criminals are not the dealers but those who committed other crimes to get the money they needed for drugs.

Your Own Family Member on Drugs

When your own family member has become trapped in a life dominated by drugs, every member of the family suffers. The family often has the added burden of finding a place where their loved one can get help. Rather than waiting for the situation to get so bad that your loved one is locked up in jail, injured or killed, it is essential to find a rehab center at the first possible moment that provides a safe and effective program to get him sober again.

Narconon Can Help

For more than forty-six years the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been providing safe and effective rehab help to tens of thousands of former users. Having grown to nearly fifty residential rehab centers, there are Narconon locations on six continents of earth. At each one, a recovering drug user can find helpful staff members who are trained to help him handle his drug or alcohol problem. The eight-step Narconon program is so effective that it results in long-lasting sobriety for the large majority of its graduates.

Barret Found Help at Narconon Arrowhead

Barret arrived at Narconon Arrowhead after ten years of abusing drugs. He said when he arrived at the facility in Oklahoma, the staff members were very nice to him and made sure he understood what the program consisted of and that he was comfortable and had everything he needed.

About halfway through the program Barret said, "I started to see changes in myself, the way I treated people. For so long, I'd been in that drug addiction mentality, where you don't snitch on somebody; don't tell on somebody if they are doing you wrong because you don't want to be the ‘bad guy.'"

Barret said that the Narconon program made him want to be a better person. He added "When I finally finished the Narconon program, I was on cloud nine. I felt like I got myself back."

After the program, Barret concluded, "I grew as a person here. I became a great man again, a person that I wanted to be again. For ten years, I'd lost track of who I was. Now I feel like I'm back again and I can conquer anything and I could take anything. I could have anything that I want in my life."

Like many other graduates of the Narconon program, Barret rediscovered his own moral values and regained a sober life.

This can happen for your loved one.

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