Narconon Review: Blake S.

How Drug Abuse Affects Families

Drug Rehab Graduate Blake S

When a family member becomes addicted, he is not the only one who suffers. Families of drug addicts are torn apart by the worry, the fear and wondering what they did wrong that resulted in their family member turning to drugs. It may be reassuring to learn that one is not alone in this condition as many tens of thousands of drug addicts around the world are affecting millions of others.

A recent article from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), states that "the nation's #1 health problem is alcoholism and drug dependence." For decades, NCADD has seen how the disease of addiction not only affects the individual, but millions of family members.

Drug and alcohol abuse can destroy relationships. Parents and children lose trust in one another often because the addict will steal from family members in order to support his or her habit. Many times, the addict will lie about where he is going or who he is hanging out with when he is trying to obtain more drugs. Once addicted, the person is no longer in charge of his own life as the drugs have taken over.

Addiction often creates interpersonal problems for other family members. Alienation, financial loss and family arguments or disagreements are just some of the potential problems a family may face. Any family who has experienced the emotional roller coaster of one member on drugs knows how difficult it can be for the rest of the family.

Families Find the Help They Need at Narconon

Fortunately, families can find an effective program for their loved one at more than fifty Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world. Located on six continents, there are Narconon centers in Taiwan, in the United Kingdom, in the Commonwealth of Independent States, and in Italy, other parts of Europe and in the United States. The Narconon program is so comprehensive and effective that fully seventy percent of its graduates regain their sobriety and maintain it for the long haul. Tens of thousands of former addicts have recovered their sober lives at a Narconon Center somewhere in the world.

The rehab program at Narconon includes both the physical and mental or emotional aspects of addiction. One begins at Narconon with a relatively tolerable withdrawal period followed by the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. On this unique regimen, a recovering addict spends his time doing moderate exercise, sitting in a dry-heat sauna and taking nutritional supplements. This combination of daily activities helps to rid the body of drug residues stored in the fatty tissues. It has been proven that these residues help trigger cravings for more drugs. When finished with this aspect of the Narconon program, most recovering addicts experience far fewer or even no more drug cravings along with an ability to think more clearly. Most people also report feeling refreshed and clean.

At the conclusion of the physical parts of the program, the student at Narconon studies several life skills courses to learn many abilities he will need to remain drug-free after finishing the program. Part of this course of study involves the student learning to take responsibility for his earlier actions, and if necessary making up any damage he may have caused his family or friends while he was addicted.

One mother of a Narconon graduate talked about how they felt when her son graduated from Narconon. Kristine (mother of Blake S.) said, "I am so deeply grateful that the people here not only took the time but taught skills." She went on, "This was a program that didn't just say don't use drugs, but it was a program that taught him to take personal responsibility." In a tone that showed obvious relief, Kristine said, "It was never our fault that he made these choices. That was kind of important for me because I was trying to be a good mom."

She concluded, "It has been a delightful transformation to see someone that you can interact with, who has compassion and understanding, and works with you."

You can find this kind of effective rehab help for your family member. Find out more about the full Narconon program by calling and speaking with a representative.

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