Narconon Review: Arrowhead

Unique Problems Plague Drug Users

Drug Rehab Charlie

Every drug abuser has some unique issue or situation in his or her life bothering him. Drugs become an escape from facing and trying to solve the issue head-on. It may be as simple as a teenager who is "trying to fit in" with his or her peers. Teenagers often face a problem of low self-esteem and may experiment with drugs, trying to fit in with the crowd. But they can quickly and inadvertently become addicted.

In fact, the extent of prescription painkiller addiction has gotten so bad that in 2009 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared it an epidemic. In March of 2013, the US House of Representatives discussed a bill to ban certain pharmaceuticals from circulation that could potentially and easily be abused. The bill is aimed at opioid painkillers and some other oral medicines. Annual prescription painkiller deaths now exceed those of cocaine and heroin combined, according to the CDC. Over the last ten years, numerous well-known people have become addicted along with millions of moms, dads, youth and ordinary citizens, especially to prescription painkillers.

Dealing with the Root of the Problem

No matter what issues plague a drug user, it will take an honest self-assessment of what he needs to handle in his life for him to come to terms with his drug abuse. Once a person is addicted, he will feel that he must maintain his high in order to function in life at all. He may be afraid of the withdrawal symptoms if he stops using drugs. He may be under pressure from his drug-using buddies to keep using or financial pressures may push him to deal drugs in order to support his habit.

Narconon Offers an Effective Way Out

When he has reached the point that he knows he has to quit taking drugs, it becomes essential for the addict to find a place where he is confident that he can regain sobriety. It is also vital that the program is safe and effective. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program provides a program that is comprehensive. It does not use alternative drugs to wean one off drugs of abuse. Instead, it offers a thorough, safe, eight-phase program which allows former drug users to take the time they need to effectively kick the habit.

At first, there are steps to get someone safely and comfortably through the withdrawal phase. These are soon followed by the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This intensive program consists of a strict regimen of daily moderate exercise, good nutrition and time spent in a dry-heat sauna. By the end of this portion of the Narconon program, those in recovery report that they feel clean and refreshed, with a much more optimistic outlook on life. Many also report that they have far fewer or even no more cravings for drugs once complete on this step.

The program at Narconon doesn't stop with physical handlings, however. It also includes several courses in life skills to help a person in recovery deal with the root causes of his turning to drugs in the first place. These help him confront his own issues and deal with them head on. He can learn skills at Narconon on these courses to help him to make drug-free decisions for the rest of his life. Before completing the program, each Narconon student develops his own life plan for how he will deal with situations that may have caused him to stray and seek escape through drugs in the past.

The Narconon rehab program is so effective that seventy-five percent of its graduates remain drug-free following completing the Narconon program. Tens of thousands of people have found the help they needed at Narconon and attribute their long-lasting sobriety to the tools they learned at a Narconon program.

Charlie found sobriety at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma a little over four years ago. He said the reason he thinks that Narconon is so successful is that it deals with the root of the problem. He said he had gotten clean before but it didn't last as he hadn't handled the issues that he needed to deal with in order to remain sober.

The Narconon program was different. He said, "It's a whole package. It's not just one thing. It's very well-rounded, very well put together. I felt like I was somebody, not just part of a crowd," Charlie is very grateful for the tools he learned at Narconon.

You or your family member can find lasting sobriety at a Narconon center. Call us to find out more details of the program and all the Narconon locations around the world.

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