Narconon Review: Arrowhead

Drugs Can Take Away your Future

Abusing drugs can take away a user's future. This can happen in many ways. A young person starts off with great intentions and aspires to worthwhile goals, but with drug use he gets sidetracked. Somewhere along the way, obtaining more drugs becomes the top priority and other goals are overshadowed by this crushing need. A user may just be trying to ward off the depression and guilt that he feels when the drugs in his system wear off. However, the main focus has shifted to getting drugs at whatever cost. It often costs him his relationships with his family, his friends and his employer. Sometimes he may lose his whole career. Sometimes he loses his life.

Accidental Overdoses from Prescription Drugs

Narconon Georgia Rehab Graduate Daniel

The numbers of accidental overdose deaths are staggering. Since 2003, more people died of accidental overdoses of prescription painkiller drugs than the total of all heroin and cocaine deaths combined. These drugs are often used in combination with other drugs or alcohol, which can be a lethal recipe. Prescription painkiller overdose deaths were so pronounced and had increased so much by 2009 that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared it an epidemic. The pattern of who is abusing prescription drugs shows it is highest among young adults aged 18 to 25, with a resulting increase in accidental overdose deaths among this age group.

Knowing Where to Turn for Help

When your child or loved one has a drug problem, it becomes essential to get help and get it now. Before your loved one can be added to this heartbreaking statistic, if you know your family member has a problem with drugs of any kind, find a safe and effective rehab program and find it fast. You could literally be saving his or her life.

Narconon Offers Effective and Safe Rehab Help

Live Drug-Free Life Skills

Luckily for tens of thousands of former drug users, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been helping them to recover sobriety since 1966. It has grown from one small, inmate-founded program in an Arizona State prison to nearly fifty residential rehab centers on six continents of earth today. At each center, the Narconon program allows a recovering drug user as long as is needed to address the issues of drug abuse, including the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Narconon is highly effective and safe. It does not use any drugs to substitute for drugs one has been addicted to. Instead, it consists of eight unique steps which help one to tolerably go through the withdrawal process, detoxify the body of drug toxins, and learn life skills he needs to help him live drug-free. The results are fairly spectacular with most graduates of the Narconon program around the world remaining drug-free long after completing the program.

Cheryl Found her Future Again with the Help of Narconon

Narconon Drug Rehab Graduate Cheryl

Cheryl went to Narconon Arrowhead after many years of abusing drugs and losing her way toward her life's goals. She let her nursing license lapse so she wasn't practicing her career. She was divorced by her husband and lost her home. She had nothing to look forward to and was living in her parents' basement before arriving at the Narconon program in Oklahoma. Cheryl said, "I was so wrapped up in my drug addiction that I alienated myself from my friends and almost all of my family. I didn't answer my phone and I didn't go out anywhere except, of course, if I had to go meet my dealer. That was it. I was basically going to die."

Cheryl said after completing the Narconon program, "The Narconon program really did give me the steps that I need to apply in my daily life."

She continued, "I had done so much to other people that I didn't think there was any way out of it. I did not think I had a future. I could not tell what was going to happen with me and now I can see it. I see myself twenty years from now; I see myself fifty years from now. And it looks pretty good."

Find out more details of the Narconon program and see how you can help save your loved one's future.

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