Drug Users Can Become Alienated from Families

Drug Rehab Graduate Chris

Drug addiction can easily lead to a person becoming alienated or estranged from their family. Unfortunately, many of our own sons and daughters become addicted, sometimes after only one or two episodes of trying highly-addictive drugs. For parents and family members it is often difficult to know how to help a family member with a drug problem. Often a person starts out by trying marijuana because a friend offers him a hit. This can easily escalate into more serious drug usage.

Even the effects of marijuana are not harmless, although it has become "legalized for medical purposes" in eighteen US states and the District of Columbia at this time. The FDA still has not classified marijuana as an approved drug as it also must take into account the potential risks of any drug it considers. And there are several states who, while they've passed laws legalizing medical marijuana, have delayed enacting them due to conflicts with the federal laws.

Chris Recovered His Sobriety at Narconon Arrowhead

Chris was lucky to find the Narconon program in Oklahoma after not knowing where to turn to get help. He said he didn't even know if he could get help and didn't know what to do before his family finally suggested he go to Narconon.

Chris said prior to coming to Narconon, he didn't really care about himself and felt lost. But once he had done the program at Narconon Arrowhead, Chris said, "I felt so good about myself and so much better that I didn't want the drugs any longer. I could focus on myself and what I wanted out of life."

Arrowhead Graduate Testimony Chris

After the entire Narconon drug rehab program, Chris said, "Nothing can come up from my past to haunt me now. My life now is perfect."

He added, "I just keep focused on what I'm doing right now at this moment and I can continue to do whatever I need to do."

This can be the happy outcome for your family member, no matter what drug problem he or she is having.

Marijuana Drug Effects

Spilled Marijuana

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states, "Marijuana has certain adverse health effects that also must be taken into account." Some of these include respiratory symptoms (e.g., bronchitis, chronic cough) since it usually smoked. It also has been shown to impair short-term memory and motor coordination; it slows reaction time; it alters mood, judgment and decision-making. More alarming is that marijuana can cause severe anxiety (paranoia) or psychosis (loss of touch with reality) in some people who use it. And the NIDA also states that "marijuana is addictive — about 4.5 million people in this country meet clinical criteria for marijuana abuse or dependence."

Overcoming Addiction Requires Real Rehab Help

When someone has become addicted to any drug and decides he wants to stop, he may need his family's help to convince him he can go to rehab and get real help. Sometimes if the family does not succeed they may need to call on the services of a trained interventionist who can help them convince the drug abuser to get help before it is too late.

How to Stop Using Drugs

For anyone who wants to overcome a problem with drug abuse, he needs an effective and safe rehab program. For more than four decades, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been that program. The program at Narconon is safe, drug-free and long-term.

Tens of thousands of people have found long-lasting sobriety through Narconon programs in nearly fifty locations around the world. The Narconon program includes helping a former user address both the physical aspects of addiction as well as the mental and emotional problems that led him to begin using drugs. The eight phases of the Narconon program also includes several life skills courses to help someone learn how to make drug-free decisions for the rest of his life. In fact, the Narconon program is so effective that a large majority of its graduates remain drug-free for the long haul.

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