Drug Abuse Affects Everyone around the Abuser

Drug Rehab Graduate Darin

When a person uses drugs, he puts others in danger. There may be friends or associates who aren't using drugs and yet find themselves in a situation with law enforcement. A driver who is using drugs or alcohol puts other drivers at risk whether he realizes it or not. This was proven in an analysis of 2009 traffic accident statistics. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that one in five of all fatally injured drivers tested positive for drug use before the crash.

When a drug user has a job that involves the operation of heavy equipment, he could be putting his fellow workers at risk as well as those who will eventually occupy the building, road or bridge he is working on. Those people who use drugs are not aware of the potential damage that they could cause. The only thing on a user's mind is how and where to get more drugs. When one finally realizes the potential harm he could cause or has caused already, it may be time for him to quit.

Getting off Drugs is Hard to do Alone

However, a person usually cannot stop abusing drugs without help. It is often necessary for the family or friends to help the person get to a safe and effective rehab program. One also may continue using drugs if he stays in his current environment as he is continually reminded by all those "triggers" that lead him to use drugs. Usually, it is a good idea to leave his current environment and get away from his drug suppliers as well.

Narconon Provides Safe and Effective Drug Rehab

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been around for more than forty-six years, helping people who want to quit using drugs. The Narconon program is safe, drug-free and long-term. From the first program in an Arizona State prison in 1966, Narconon has expanded to nearly fifty Narconon drug and alcohol rehab centers on six continents now.

The Narconon eight-step program includes addressing the physical aspects of addiction, plus several life skills courses that can help anyone learn how to make drug-free decisions for the rest of his life. Tens of thousands of people have found lasting sobriety through various Narconon programs. The Narconon program is so effective that the large majority of its graduates remain drug-free.

Darin Regains Sobriety and More at Narconon

Darin was a former drug abuser who found sobriety and a huge sense of accomplishment at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma after having used drugs for many years. He said he had been traveling around the country, working a high-paid job, spending all his money on drugs before coming to Narconon.

He also said he finally grasped how his drug usage affected the people around him in more ways than he realized. He had put others in danger and had not previously recognized that he could have really hurt someone while he was working on million dollar projects while under the influence of drugs.

After finishing the program Darin said, "About halfway through the Narconon program I discovered who and what I am, and it brought me to present time so I no longer have to be haunted by my past. I can continue from this point forward and I know I'm going to be a better person for it and I know I'm going to succeed now."

Drug Rehab Graduate Quote Darin

Darin added, "I felt a sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt in years. I never seemed to finish anything that I started. I finished something now and I'm going to finish everything I start now."

If you or your family member needs help, no matter what the drug problem is, call right away for help.


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