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Families Suffer Along With Addicted Family Members

Drug Rehab Garret

It is hard to say how much suffering is caused by addiction to drugs. Certainly the addict suffers as he tries to get through each day, having to depend on a drug just to function, to feel what he would call "normal." His family suffers as they constantly worry and wonder what is going to happen to their loved one.

It is estimated that there are 23.5 million people addicted to drugs in the US alone. Add to that members of the families of addicts and immediately about a third of the US population is closely affected. One survey found that 64% of those surveyed said they had been closely affected by someone's problem with addiction.

Then the employers and teachers, classmates and other friends of addicts can be added to the tally. Drugs are truly an epidemic that touches almost everyone's life in one way or another.

The costs of addiction are huge. One doesn't necessarily think of all the costs involved for an addict who has to maintain his habit. Later in life, the toll that drug abuse has taken on his body may also cost him dearly in medical care, that is, if he lives that long. Early demise due to accidental overdose is all too common. This is so much the case with prescription painkiller drug overdoses that the CDC declared it a public health epidemic in 2009. Since 2003, the number of people who died of prescription opioid drug overdoses exceeded those dying of all heroin and cocaine overdoses combined.

Drug Abuse Can be Overcome with Help from Narconon

However, when one finally makes the decision to get help and overcome his addiction, it is vital to find an effective drug rehab program. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is so effective that seventy-five percent of its graduates worldwide have found long-lasting sobriety. The comprehensive, eight-step program at Narconon is drug-free, meaning it does not use other drugs to help one get off the drugs of addiction.

The program is not limited in the length of time one may take to complete it. It usually takes between three and five months to complete. This program has components to help the recovering addict address the physical and the mental or emotional aspects of addiction. He will be given one-on-one care as well as the opportunity to study several courses where he can learn many skills to help him make drug-free choices for the rest of his life.

Garret's mother was fortunate to have found Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma for her son in what he described as a "last ditch effort to save my life and hopefully get me back in line with myself." Garret described his life while he was addicted. He was stealing to maintain his habit, sleeping in garages in the middle of winter and begging for coffee from nearby McDonald's. He finally returned to his family's house in an act of desperation, realizing he might be going back to jail for stealing from them. But he was fortunate to have his mother find help for him and the family took him from Illinois to Narconon in Oklahoma.

Garret said about his life after completing the Narconon program, "It is 180 degrees now, the change in my life today. It's amazing. I've got things now: food in my fridge, friends and I've got colleagues who are supportive...  I wake up every morning now thinking today is the day that something really cool is going to happen."

Garret said he sees all the small wonderful things in life that he never used to notice. He added, "For some people it may be mundane but for me it's awesome to be alive and be myself again."

Garret is one of the lucky people whose family found Narconon in time to save his life. See for yourself if Narconon is the right place for you or your family member to achieve lasting sobriety. Call today.

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