Narconon Review: Arrowhead

How Drug Abuse Affects Families

Crimes for Drugs

When someone takes drugs, he isn't really being himself. He becomes obsessed with getting more drugs and feels compelled to get them at any cost. He may even commit crimes in order to get drugs, although he would never have considered such a thing if it were not for the drugs.

When a member of your family is struggling with a drug problem it is often hard to talk to them about it. However, talking and keeping communication channels open is probably the most important part of helping your loved one to combat his or her problem. He does not realize how much he is hurting his family and friends when he lies or steals or stops communicating with them. How ironic that it is usually up to those same people he has hurt to help him get real help when he needs it.

Families that Dine Together...

Drug Abuse

Numerous studies show how important it is to have close family relationships to help proof your own children against future drug abuse; right down to how many times a week your family is having dinner together. These studies show that those families that dine together at least five nights per week have children who are far less likely to fall into the trap of drug or alcohol abuse than those who eat dinners together fewer than three times per week.

If it's Too Late for Prevention - Get Help Now

But what happens when your loved one has already fallen into this all-too-common trap? How do you get him the help he so desperately needs? It is vital to find help fast and ensure that the rehab you find will be safe and effective.

Narconon Helps Families

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been helping families get their loved ones back to sobriety since 1966. Founded originally by an inmate in an Arizona State prison, the Narconon program has grown to nearly fifty residential rehab centers around the world today. The Narconon program is highly effective, with the large majority of its graduates regaining long-lasting sober lives.

Effective Drug Rehab at Narconon

The program at Narconon is drug-free, that is, no other drugs are given to substitute for the drugs someone has been using. Rather, good nutrition is given initially to help the recovering person become stronger and heal some of the damage caused by neglect. The person is provided with one-on-one assistance and unique orientation exercises to help them reorient to the world around them. Most people also experience relief during this withdrawal stage, finding that withdrawal is often more tolerable than they imagined it would be.

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This is followed by seven more specific steps on the Narconon program. The entire program can take from three to six months to complete, but if a person needs longer, he continues on the program until he has confidence that he can return to his life without the need for more drugs.

Jason Got the Help he Needed at Narconon

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Jason said that before he came to Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, his close friends and family did not want to be around him and no one trusted him anymore. He realized that he'd hurt a lot of the people he really loved.

But towards the end of the program, he was feeling very positive about himself and all aspects of his life. He said, "The feelings of guilt and the monkey on my back had been lifted. And I was able to begin to mend relationships that I'd damaged in the past."

Jason continued, "Having completed the Narconon program now, I'm confident again about my abilities and where my life can take me. I'm happy for the first time in over ten years."

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He concluded, "It's really brought me things that I'd never thought that I'd be able to have or enjoy." You can have your family member back with the help of Narconon.

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