"Functioning" Heroin Addicts

Drug Rehab Graduate John M.

Some people can seem to function as drug addicts or alcoholics. There is even such a category as a "functioning" heroin addict. These people go about their daily lives, insulated from their emotions by using heroin, but in reality, they are losing ground every day. The more heroin they use, the more they need. In the end, the only way they can function at all is when they are high. Heroin takes a person from a productive and capable person to someone who must always chase the next dose of the drug.

There are many examples of these "functioning" alcoholics or addicts in newspaper stories and in online blogs. A news story that appeared in 1992 in The New York Times was called, "Executive's Secret Struggle with Heroin's Powerful Grip." In this article, the writer cited a statistic from that era that stated, "drug experts say perhaps as many as a third of the estimated 750,000 heroin addicts in America are juggling habitual use of what has long been thought of as the most debilitating and enslaving of drugs, managing jobs and even families with few if any outward signs of addiction."

However, the author also cited some true data about heroin addiction. This included the fact that heroin users develop a tolerance for the drug, which means they have to take more and more to achieve the relaxed and sometimes euphoric state that they are seeking. And heroin changes the body's chemistry so that when the drug wears off, withdrawal symptoms begin.

People who become addicted find that as the tolerance for heroin increases, it becomes more and more difficult to achieve the high they are looking for from the drug. But most users feel compelled to take it to feed their habit and stave off withdrawal symptoms.

While it may take some people years to reach the end of their secret heroin addiction, when that does happen, it is essential to find an effective rehab program.

Narconon Provides Effective Rehab for Heroin Addicts

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program provides an effective rehab regimen for anyone with a drug problem, whether with heroin or other drugs. The comprehensive program at Narconon includes eight steps to help the recovering addict address both the physical and mental or emotional aspects of addiction. The program exists in nearly fifty long-term residential centers around the world, with several located in different states in the US. Due to the thoroughness and effectiveness of the Narconon program, seventy percent of its graduates regain long-lasting sobriety following completion of the program. This is one of the highest actual success rates in the rehab field.

John M. called himself a "functioning" heroin addict. But he admits that he really wasn't functioning well at all as he couldn't do anything without the drug. He said he did keep his heroin addiction a huge secret before he finally found help at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. He said when he was addicted that he was pretty sick most of the time. He knew it was wrong, but he was forced to fight a constant battle to get more drugs.

John said he started to feel revitalized about halfway through the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, an early step of the Narconon program. From that point on, he said, he started feeling more like himself, feeling more energetic and he knew he was getting better.

After completing the whole Narconon program, John said he could walk back into his life now, but this time with the tools for life that he learned at Narconon. He said, "I now know how to communicate with people, how to do my job better, knowing I don't have to use drugs any more or ever again." As to the Narconon experience, he concluded, "It saved my life. That's what it did."

Find out how your loved one can have his or her own successful recovery from drug addiction with the help of Narconon.

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