Narconon Review: Ken

Drug Rehab Graduate Ken

Addiction to Crack Cocaine and Alcohol Can Be Beaten

There is a growing trend to combine different drugs, which confuses the issue of which drugs are causing which effects and which are most dangerous. Certainly combining more than one drug or adding alcohol multiplies the risks significantly.

The dangers of addiction to one drug are multiplied when mixed with alcohol or other drugs. This is particularly true of crack cocaine and alcohol combined. Some people take alcohol to try to extend the high of cocaine. Others take it to try to reduce their cravings for more cocaine. Some people drink to make the negative effects of cocaine more tolerable. In a study of 66 cocaine and alcohol users, researchers found that about 60% of the subjects reported often using alcohol to ease discomfort associated with tapering off or ceasing cocaine/crack use.

Another article described the increased risk of heart damage due to combining cocaine and alcohol. When they are combined, the body makes a third very toxic chemical which is stored in the liver called cocaethylene. This article reports on British drug addiction clinics which say they are increasingly worried about the health risks associated with this chemical. It is the only known example of the body forming a third drug following the ingestion of two others, the article states.

Cocaethylene is not just toxic to the liver but is also blamed for heart attacks in the under-40 population and a surge in social problems. The exact nature of these social problems is not yet clear, but long-term health effects following heavy drug use is certainly likely to take its toll on former and current drug users. The only real answer when one is hooked on these dangerous drugs is to find effective drug rehabilitation.

How to Find Effective Rehab When Ready to Quit

When one wants to stop using highly-addictive drugs such as cocaine and alcohol, it is often difficult to know where to turn. The comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab program at Narconon centers around the world offers a very effective alternative to conventional programs. The residential rehab program at Narconon is very thorough, and addresses both the physical and the mental or emotional aspects of addiction. The success rate of lasting sobriety at Narconon centers worldwide is seventy percent. This is one of the highest success rates in the rehab field. The program is not limited to a certain period of time, but at Narconon a person takes as long as he needs to regain his sobriety.

Ken was fortunate to find Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma when he was ready to quit using crack cocaine, cocaine powder and alcohol. He said he had gotten to the point of not wanting to talk to anyone, including his parents or his kids, and his addiction was making his life spiral out of control.<

He talked about his experience at Narconon and said the sauna portion of the program (Narconon New Life Detoxification Program) made a big impact on him. He said that after about three weeks of sauna he felt no more cravings for drugs. He added, "I felt like I was 25 again." After completing the entire Narconon program Ken said, "I feel like a whole new man." And now that he had finished, he said he felt really positive, and he liked "having all the tools that Narconon has given me, so I can go out in the real world and put them to use, knowing that I'll be able to stay clean this time."

You can find out all the details of the Narconon program and see if it is right for you or your family member. Give us a call.

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