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More People Struggle with Being Homeless and Addicted

Drug Rehab Graduate Lindsey

Addiction is one of the largest public health problems in the United States. It increases in severity over time unless treated. Many substance abusers make repeated attempts to quit before they are successful. An additional problem that many abusers face is their own financial resources being consumed both literally and figuratively by their drug habit. With the high cost of maintaining a very expensive drug addiction, few are able to afford this without resorting to crime. Having depleted their resources and sometimes losing their homes, an increasing number of drug addicts have become homeless. This complex problem is one that many cities are now facing.

Oregon Has High Rate of Homelessness

In Portland, Oregon, for example, numerous resources have been developed to help the city's homeless population. Increasingly, these agencies have found that serving the homeless population also means they must treat addiction. A report by the National Alliance to End Homelessness estimated the homeless population at 17,254 in 2011 in Oregon as compared with 6,034 in Kentucky, which has slightly more people.

Sarah Goforth, who is the director of mental health and chemical dependency services at Central City Concern in Portland, estimated that up to three-quarters of the city's homeless people are either addicts or family members of addicts. The agency Ms. Goforth represents also operates a van, staffed by trained emergency medical technicians, that travels around Portland taking inebriated people to a "sobering program," where they sober up and learn about treatment options. Other cities offer similar resources, as they recognize that the issues of the homeless population often include drug addiction.

Oklahoma Tries to get Homeless Their Own Homes

As a second example, Tulsa has been expanding the services it has available to the homeless with the goal of getting chronically homeless off the streets, into treatment for alcohol abuse or mental illness if they need it, and then into home ownership. The goal is to eventually reintegrate these people back into society. The State of Oklahoma has funded more than 700 housing units to be built for this purpose.

When it Gets Personal, How do You Find Help?

However, when one is faced with the problem of living on the streets, not knowing where one will sleep that night, compounded with the need to get another fix of a highly addictive drug, the dream of eventually getting one's own home is far away. It takes a large effort for someone to realize the problem he has with drug addiction and an even larger effort to ask for help.

When one is finally ready to reach for help, the choice of where to go to find effective help becomes most important. How do you know which program will be successful for your eventual long-term sobriety? How does one find an effective rehab program?

Narconon Offers Effective Rehab Program for All Addicts

Fortunately for tens of thousands of former addicts, Narconon was the last rehab program they needed to achieve long-lasting sobriety. This is true for seventy percent of graduates from the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The program has fifty locations around the world where one can find real, effective help. The comprehensive, drugless program at Narconon consists of eight phases. Each one addresses the physical or mental and emotional aspects of addiction. For many people, the turning point on the program may come at the point when they have successfully withdrawn from the drugs they were using. Compared to the withdrawal phase of many other programs, the Narconon program offers a tolerable withdrawal that does not require the use of any other drugs

For others, their turning point follows the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. During this part of the program, one engages in moderate daily exercise while also spending a some hours in a dry-heat sauna with frequent cool-off breaks. The results of this step of the program are usually quite remarkable. Many people who complete it state that they feel clean and refreshed and rid of the drug residues that were left in their bodies. Most people also report far fewer cravings for more drugs when they have finished this step.

Lindsey was one of the lucky people who found Narconon before it was too late. Prior to arriving at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, Lindsey said her life was miserable. She was a wreck, sleeping in different places every night, and many nights not knowing where she would sleep. She was addicted to crack cocaine and OxyContin before the Narconon program. Lindsey said she used to steal from anybody and everybody to support her habit.

After coming to Narconon Arrowhead, Lindsey said she felt comfortable as she saw many other people who were going through the same things she was experiencing. She said she felt the most change from the sauna portion of the program. Lindsey said, "I got all those toxins and drugs out of my body. I felt great. This program saved my life. It was the first time I really finished anything... Thanks to my family, I came here. I'm a better daughter and granddaughter. It's amazing...I'm so proud of myself."

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