Narconon Review: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Take Huge Toll on Family and Nation

When a person starts to abuse drugs daily, he can be pretty sure he has a problem. As the drugs take over decision-making for the person, he is addicted. Addiction means that even though he (or she) knows that drug abuse is harming his physical or mental health, his job or his family life, he still feels he must have the substance. Seeking it and taking it are of utmost importance for this person. He doesn't see that he is creating havoc for others around him. The guilt, depression and hopelessness that the addict feels drive him to keep taking more drugs to blot out the pain.

Drug Rehab Graduate Lou

But families suffer along with the drug takers in their midsts. There is also the other side of the picture - children who live with parents with drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than seven million children live with a parent who abuses alcohol. These young people are at risk for many potentially damaging issues that can take a large toll on their lives. The risks among these children are greater for depression, anxiety disorders, problems with cognitive and verbal skills, and parental abuse or neglect. And they are four times more likely to develop alcohol problems themselves than are children of non-alcoholic parents.

The costs of drug and alcohol abuse to society are immense. It is estimated that abuse of alcohol alone costs approximately $30 billion in health care and $235 billion overall in lost productivity, crime and health care annually. When abuse of tobacco and illicit drugs are added, the cost is more than $600 billion annually.

What Can One Do to Break the Cycle of Addiction?

When it comes to breaking out of this cycle, one has to handle the three main aspects of addiction. These are guilt, depression and cravings. When those three can really be addressed and handled, one can beat his addiction. This is the result at Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world. There are nearly fifty Narconon residential rehab centers on six continents of earth. These each offer a fully comprehensive and long-term program which addresses the physical aspects and the mental and emotional issues of addiction. For seventy percent of the program's graduates worldwide, this was the program they needed to help them recover long-lasting sobriety. Over the past forty-six years, many tens of thousands of former addicts have found the help they needed to beat their addiction at Narconon.

Lou was one of those who managed to find Narconon Arrowhead, near McAlester, Oklahoma. He said he had felt lost, very depressed, down and out and hopeless when he was addicted. Lou said his guilt about what he was drive his continued drug abuse prior to arriving at the Narconon program.

When he went through withdrawal at Narconon Lou started to feel better almost right away. He said that it was the first time in years that he had gone a full seven days without drugs and he started to feel better and better. He said that the overall atmosphere and the attitude of the people at Narconon helped him to overcome his addiction.

Narconon Gave Me New Life

After Lou completed the full Narconon program, he said he used no more drugs, not even an aspirin. Lou said, "I feel like I have a new life. Narconon has given me a new life. Thank God. I get up each morning and I get out of bed. My family loves me and I love my family. Everything just goes fine."

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