Narconon Arrowhead Review: Mike B.

Prescription Drug Abuse Aided by Family and Friends

Drug Rehab Graduate Mike

One in seven American teenagers abuse prescription drugs. The drugs they abuse include prescription painkillers like hydrocodone, oxycodone or methadone. Some also abuse amphetamine-like medications often prescribed for symptoms that have been called attention disorders like Adderall or Ritalin; anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines; anti-depressants; anti-psychotics and all other prescription medications that are used for non-medical purposes.

In the United States, this abuse and its resultant enormous increase in accidental overdoses really escalated when new painkillers appeared on the market. There has been a 346% spike in deaths caused by overdoses from oxycodone alone from 2005 to 2010. In a recent article, the DEA estimated that seven million Americans abuse pharmaceuticals.

One startling fact is that many teens are finding the prescription drugs in their own family's or friend's medicine cabinet. The 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that more than seventy percent of prescription painkiller abusers are getting the drugs from friends or relatives, usually with permission and for free. Another finding from this survey showed that this trend is responsible for eleven U.S. deaths per day, on average, from oxycodone, methadone, hydrocodone, anti-anxiety pills of the benzodiazepine class and morphine.

When Drug Abuse Comes to Your Family

Statistics don't convey the heartache and sorrow that the families of these opiate addicts go through when they lose a loved one. Very often, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, overdose deaths are accidental and involve taking more than one drug or an opiate drug plus alcohol — a deadly combination.

When it is Time to Stop

If you suspect that your family member may be having a problem with drugs or alcohol, it is never too early to suggest that he or she get help from a reliable and safe drug rehab program. If you don't know if there is a problem, have a frank discussion with your family member. You may be saving his life. When it is time to quit, Narconon can help.

Narconon Helps Families Deal with Prescription Drug Abuse

Although the prescription drug abuse epidemic is relatively new, people have been abusing drugs and having trouble getting off them for a long time. Since 1966, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been helping people with drug problems find long-lasting sobriety and leave drugs behind. Over the past forty-six years, tens of thousands of people have gotten the help they needed at one of nearly fifty Narconon centers on six continents of the world.

The Narconon program includes eight focused steps to help the former drug user handle both the physical, mental and emotional aspects of drug abuse. The program uses no other drugs to help wean the person off the drugs he's been abusing. Remarkably, most people report that the techniques used in the Narconon program make giving up drugs surprisingly tolerable.

Mike Kicks His Prescription Drug Habit

Drug Rehab Graduate Review Mike

Mike came to Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma after having tried unsuccessfully to quit abusing prescription drugs. He said, "Each time I'd try to quit using, I'd get so sick that I didn't care what I had to do to stop being sick." So he'd go back to using again.

Mike said that during the second half of the program at Narconon he started to feel better. "I started to have more energy; I felt better about myself and a lot of the guilt and depression because of my drug use was starting to lift; it was going away!"

He continued, "I beat my addiction to prescription medications. I no longer have to use them to function every day."

And when Mike finished the whole Narconon program he said, "My life felt complete again. After I finished the program, I was there. I have my family back. I have my life back. I have my daughter back. It's a feeling that can't be explained."

This could be the success for your family member. No matter what drug he or she is having trouble with, Narconon can help. Contact us today.

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