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Heroin Addiction Hits the Suburbs

Drug Rehab Graduate Vera

Prescription drug abuse has become rampant in many parts of the US. Since 2003 more people have been the victims of accidental overdoses from prescription painkillers than the combined total of those dying from heroin and cocaine overdoses.

As the problems resulting from the abuse of prescription painkillers mount, there have been attempts to make it harder for those addicted to painkillers to get the drugs they feel they need. Some manufacturers have reformulated their pills to make it hard to abuse them. And changes in laws make it harder to circumvent the law to get drugs for the purpose of abuse.

The result: These days, more opiate addicts are seeking heroin, not pills, especially young opiate addicts. Nearly double the number of people (620,000) in the U.S. reported they used heroin in the past year in a 2011 national drug use study compared with 2007 figures.

Another study of youth in Chicago suburbs identified three main ways that young people became hooked on heroin. These paths to heroin included cocaine users who relied on heroin to soften the effects of cocaine but eventually became dependent and prescription pain pill users, abusers or not, who eventually replaced opioid pills with heroin.

The Director of the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy commented that when a prescription painkiller user shifts to heroin, it "is particularly troubling... because pain pill addiction can happen very easily to people without a history of drug abuse." She further added, "Seventy percent of people who initiate heroin use start with legal pain medications."

Find Help Before it is Too Late

No matter how a person becomes hooked, heroin and other opiates are very hard to get free of. If the user is someone close to you, it is very important to find help for him quickly. Luckily for tens of thousands of people, a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center was available for them to recover their sobriety.

Narconon Helps Anyone with Drug Problems

Narconon offers effective help for anyone suffering with a drug problem. During the program's more than forty-six years, Narconon has grown from one small program started by a prison inmate in Arizona to nearly fifty Narconon rehab centers around the world. There are also several dozen more Narconon locations which offer effective drug education and prevention services.

The program at Narconon is drug-free and does not substitute one drug for another. There are portions of the eight-phase Narconon program that help the recovering user address the physical aspects as well as the mental or emotional facets of drug abuse. The program is so effective that a large majority of its graduates remain drug-free long after finishing the program.

Mitch Found his Way to Sobriety at Narconon

Before he found Narconon Arrowhead, Mitch said when he was addicted to heroin, "Nothing mattered to me. My friends, my family, my job — I threw them all away. The only thing I cared about was that drug. I'd do anything possible to get it. I couldn't function at all without the drug."

Drug Rehab Graduate Review Mitch

But after just the sauna portion, called The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, Mitch said he felt even better than before he ever started using drugs. In addition, he said he had no more cravings at all for drugs since finishing the Narconon program.

Mitch said he had tried four other rehabs before coming to Narconon but while he left each one of them clean, he succumbed to the cravings and relapsed shortly afterwards. This time he did not relapse. Mitch said, "At Narconon you learn how to stay clean. You get tools and things to do to help you stay clean and learn to be around the right people and in the right environments. It's like a safeguard for your own sobriety."

Mitch said he would like to let others know a few things: "There is hope. There is a way out. There is something that you can do. At times, it seems it's a never-ending vicious cycle but you can get help. And you can overcome this problem. And that's all it is — it's a problem. It's not a disease. It's not incurable. It's very curable."

Find out for yourself if Narconon is the solution for you or your loved one. Call and talk to a drug rehab specialist today.

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