Drug Abuse is Not Easy to Stop Alone

Drug Rehab Graduate Phillip

Most people need help to stop using drugs, once they are caught in addiction. It is very difficult to stop using drugs when one is continually reminded by all the "triggers" in his current environment that lead him to use drugs. It is often necessary to get out of the environment that has led him to this point and away from the people who supply him with drugs as well.

Narconon Provides Safe and Effective Drug Rehab

For a person who has been abusing drugs, the answer is to go to a rehab where he can experience a safe and effective rehab program. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been in existence since 1966. For more than four decades, people who want to quit using drugs have been able to do so with the help of the Narconon program. The program at Narconon is safe, drug-free and long-term. There are nearly fifty Narconon drug and alcohol rehab centers on six continents.

The Narconon program includes helping a former user address both the physical aspects of addiction as well as the mental and emotional problems that led him to begin using drugs. The Narconon eight phase program also includes several life skills courses that can help anyone learn how to make drug-free decisions for the rest of his life. In fact, many tens of thousands of people have found long-lasting sobriety through Narconon programs around the world. The Narconon program is so effective that the large majority of its graduates remain drug-free.

Phillip Finds Sobriety Again at Narconon

Phillip was one of the fortunate drug abusers who went to Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma after having used drugs since the age of 20. He said he'd reached the point of having no hope for recovering his sobriety. He came to Narconon right after a seven-day binge on crack cocaine.

He also said he had been very hurtful to his wife prior to coming to Narconon and had stolen from his mother to support his drug habit. He had felt hopeless about breaking free from drugs for more than six years.

Phillip said that the staff at Narconon Arrowhead were very caring and kind to him and helped him through the anxiety and depression that followed his stopping using crack. They also helped him to get through the rest of the Narconon program.

Arrowhead Graduate Testimony Chris

After finishing the full Narconon drug rehab program, Phillip said, "The Narconon program gave me the tools and knowledge of how to stay clean for good. It wasn't hopeless. I learned I wasn't an addict. I can change my life."

Phillip added, "My biggest win is now I have good communication and a good relationship with my wife and my mother. I am able to talk to them and to look at them in the eyes without any remorse or regret for the things that I've done to them."

This can be the success of your family member, no matter what his or her drug problem.

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