Drug Abusers Often Push Away Those They Love

Drug Rehab Graduate Spencer

When a person starts to use drugs, he doesn't intend to hurt his family or friends. A drug user doesn't always see what he is doing to his loved ones. There are usually friends and family around who worry about him, those same people he steals from, and very often lies to in order to cover up the lifestyle he doesn't want discovered. The priorities of a drug user are keep the supply of drugs coming to prevent withdrawal sickness and pain.

When someone finally realizes he is harming those he cares about, he may already have alienated family, employer, co-workers and friends.

Drug Abuse Trends are Changing

Prescription drug abuse has grown to such an extent that more people die now of accidental overdoses on prescription drugs than are killed in automobile accidents. It is such a huge problem that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labeled it an epidemic in 2009. Although some decrease has been noted in the U.S. in prescription painkiller abuse, there is a new, more frightening movement toward use of heroin and other new psychoactive substances like bath salts or synthetic marijuana. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime's World Drug Report 2013, the use of traditional drugs such as heroin and cocaine has declined in some parts of the world, but the use of prescription drugs and new psychoactive substances is growing.

It Takes Help to Get Clean

What does one do when he realizes that it is time to stop using drugs? It would be great if a person could just quit. This doesn't usually happen without help. More often, it takes the help of family or close friends to get the person to a drug rehab program. Those who care about the person, although often hurt by his actions, are the ones who step up and get this addicted person the help he needs.

Narconon Drug Rehab Has Locations all over the World

From its first program in 1966 in an Arizona State Prison, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has expanded to nearly fifty Narconon drug rehab centers in many countries around the world.

Narconon offers a safe, drug-free rehab program that really works. The eight-phase program at Narconon helps a former user recover sobriety by helping him deal with both the physical aspects as well as the emotional or mental facets of drug abuse. The person recovering from drug abuse can learn many important life skills at Narconon to help him make drug-free choices for the rest of his life. The large majority of graduates from all the Narconon programs around the world remain drug-free for at least two years following completing the program.

Spencer Wins Her Battle over Drug Abuse

Spencer went to Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma after having tried two other drug rehab programs without success. She had been using drugs since she was around 13 years old.

Spencer said she had not realized the effects she was creating on her family when she was using drugs. During the course of the Narconon program, she recognized what her drug-using behavior must have been doing to her family. She said she had "chased away her family" when she was using. She came to Narconon in part because she really wanted to get her family back.

Arrowhead Graduate Testimony Spencer

She said that the difference between Narconon and the other two programs she'd tried was that Narconon stayed with her while the other programs "didn't last." She added, talking about the failure of those prior programs, "My way of thinking hadn't changed. Somehow, it didn't sink in with me." But Narconon helped Spencer to change her thinking. She said, "Narconon helped me change; it gave me tools that are simple that I can use daily."

In conclusion Spencer said, "Something stayed with me at Narconon that not only got into my mind but into my heart as well."

If you or your family member needs help, get help fast, no matter what the problem is. You may be saving their life. Call today.


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