Crack Cocaine and Heroin Users Can Break the Habit

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People who are addicted to crack cocaine and heroin may think there is no way to kick their addictions. Luckily, even those who have been addicted for decades can break the cycle of addiction with a proper, effective rehab program.

A short survey of some recent headlines reveals how pervasive the problem of drugs has become. In some places, daily busts occur. One recent news story in Las Cruces, New Mexico reads: "Authorities in New Mexico have arrested a man who had five plastic bags of methamphetamine, heroin and crack cocaine taped to his underwear." Apparently, this man was picked up on an outstanding warrant, and after a short chase, police found a glass pipe with some residue that fell out of his pocket. They then searched him and found the concealed drugs on his body.

Another story from Carbondale, Pennsylvania reads, "A city man was arrested last week for dealing heroin and crack cocaine, after police seized over 100 bags of these drugs from his vehicle and residence." This man had been watched by police for some time when they stopped his car and searched him, finding twelve bags of heroin in his pocket. They also executed the search warrant of his vehicle at that time and found twenty more bags of heroin and one bag of crack cocaine stashed in it. They then proceeded to Michael Gamalia's home, where they recovered seventy-eight more bags of heroin and one bag of 25 grams of crack cocaine, according to the police.

These stories illustrate just a few examples of the widespread problem of drug dealing and drug abuse. If there were fewer people to buy these drugs, of course the dealers would have less of a market in which to peddle their wares. However, to quit using drugs when one is addicted is a huge effort, and usually one that requires help from family or friends if he is going to succeed.

Narconon Drug Rehab Offers Hope and Effective Help for Addicts

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program offers one of the most effective drug and alcohol rehab programs in the world. It has expanded from a tiny program in one Arizona State prison in 1966 to more than fifty centers today, located on six continents of earth. There are centers in Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, the UK, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada and many in the United States. The program at Narconon is different from other rehab programs. The staffs of each center fully understand addiction and treat it as a condition one can recover from, not a permanent disease that one must battle all of his life. There are eight phases to the full Narconon program which enable a person to live productively, and without the need for drugs or alcohol. In fact, this comprehensive program is so effective that seventy percent of graduates from Narconon worldwide go on to lead drug-free lives.

This is what happened to Steve S., who at the age of 19 realized he had a really serious drug problem. Luckily for Steve, his cousin found the Narconon program and presented it to Steve's mom, who told Steve about it. Steve found that although he had been to a few other drug rehab programs before, Narconon was different. He said that the staff at Narconon really cared about the students there, and actually helped him to control his addiction and learn to take control of his life once more. The sauna program (Narconon New Life Detoxification Program) was his favorite part of the program. He said after doing this step that he no longer had his chronic headaches and he began sleeping better. He also felt that he had eliminated the terrible effects the drugs had on his body.

To learn more about the full Narconon program and its locations around the world, contact a rehab representative today.

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