Narconon Review: Arrowhead

How Far would You Go to Overcome Drug Addiction?

Drug Rehab Graduate Tera

For some people, the idea that addiction can be overcome is not very realistic. For others who feel that somehow addiction could be overcome, they may be willing to go to almost any length to do so. Even so, the idea of getting clean and really conquering the drug problem can be almost overwhelming. In the midst of using drugs, a person can rarely see outside the need to simply get high. His life revolves around getting more of the drugs he so desperately needs to keep withdrawal sickness away.

A recent survey revealed that prescription drug abuse is now the biggest drug problem in the US, with twenty-four percent of high school students admitting that they had abused some type of prescription drug not prescribed for them. Twenty percent of those teens said they first tried a prescription drug before they had turned 14 years old. Compounding the problem is the fact that nearly thirty percent are under the false impression that prescription drug abuse is a safer escape than cocaine, ecstasy or other street drugs.

Getting Clean Requires the Right Program

No matter what drugs one uses or how long one has been a drug user, it is possible to get clean and back on the road to a productive, drug-free life. However, it requires a program that has an excellent track record of achieving sober success.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the most successful programs are those that are longer than 90 days in length and that address life skills issues, in addition to successfully getting a person through withdrawal and detoxification. Finding a place where he is confident that he can regain sobriety may be difficult for one who is just starting to recover from using drugs. The family of a drug user may need to step in and help.

Narconon Programs Have Helped Tens of Thousands to Conquer their Drug Habits

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program provides a program that is comprehensive and drug-free. The Narconon rehab program consists of a safe, eight-step program which allows former drug users to take as much time as is needed for each individual to conquer his drug or alcohol demons. The program is highly effective.

In fact, seventy-five percent of worldwide Narconon rehab program graduates remain drug free. Many tens of thousands of people have found the help to achieve long-lasting sobriety at Narconon. The component parts of the NIDA's most successful drug rehab programs are included in the Narconon program.

Addressing the Drug Problem

A recovering drug user needs both a complete physical handling as well as learning skills for how to live a drug-free life. He starts with a relatively tolerable withdrawal period at Narconon where he is given assistance in the form of "assists" - somewhat like a gentle massage that calms spasms and relaxes him. Nutritional supplements greatly help alleviate the pain and sickness that would otherwise occur.

Then he goes on to the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This unique procedure helps him to handle the residues left behind by drugs in his body that can contribute to cravings for more drugs. When done with this step, most people report they think much clearer and feel refreshed and can focus more clearly on the road ahead.

The program at Narconon doesn't stop with physical handlings, however. One can learn skills at Narconon on several courses that help him to make drug-free decisions for the rest of his life.

Traveling to Regain Sobriety

Tera traveled over 6,000 miles to find sobriety at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma a little over four years ago. She said she came to Narconon with a lot of grief and guilt over what she had done during the years she was addicted. She felt really miserable at first, she said. But Tera learned a lot about herself and other people by going through the Narconon program. She said she feels much healthier and happier since doing the program and that she had regained herself.

She said she was able to finally let go of the harm she had done in the past. Tera said now, after finishing the entire Narconon program, "I can create a new, happy future with my family. I would say to anyone who has a drug problem or a family member with a drug problem, get in touch with Narconon. You'll come in feeling terrible and go out feeling great!"

You or your family member can find lasting sobriety at a Narconon center. Call today.

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