Narconon Arrowhead Review: Tom

The Numbing Effects of Drugs

Rehab Graduate Tom

Sometimes a person takes drugs to escape some aspect of life that he or she would rather not confront. But drugs dull all his senses and have a numbing effect so that he can't even perceive the world around him. After using heavy drugs for a while, most people not only lose their perceptions of the real world, they lose touch with the damage occurring in their lives or the harm they are creating.

Drug or Alcohol-Impaired Judgment Contributes to Nearly Half of all Traffic Fatalities

Impaired perception and judgment contribute to many traffic accidents involving a driver who has been using drugs or alcohol or both. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that nationwide in 2011, alcohol-impaired driving was involved in 31 percent of traffic fatalities, which translated to 9,878 alcohol-impaired driving deaths that year. In addition to alcohol-impaired drivers, another 18 percent of drivers were estimated to have been using one or more illicit drugs at the time of a fatal crash. Combined, drug and alcohol impairments played a role in nearly half of all fatalities on the highway.

The Advantage of Perceiving the Real World

When a person has the benefit of seeing the world as it is without impairment, his reaction time is better making him a safer driver. This makes him a better decision-maker in other areas of his life too. People using drugs are more likely to make poor decisions and engage in other risky behaviors than those who don't use illicit drugs.

When that person who made bad choices ends up with a real drug problem, it is vital to find help for him or her and find it fast.

When One Needs an Effective Rehab Program, Narconon is There

Fortunately for tens of thousands of former drug users and their families, Narconon was there when they needed to find a really effective rehab program. Narconon has grown from a single center in 1972 to nearly fifty residential rehab centers around the world on six different continents today. The eight-step, comprehensive program at Narconon is highly effective and results in a majority of its graduates going on to live sober, productive lives.

Tom Found His Way Back with the Help of Narconon Arrowhead

Tom said he came to Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma after having tried "everything out there" and having failed to regain his sobriety. "This was my last shot at life," Tom said. Luckily this was the last program he needed as he found lasting sobriety with the help of the Narconon program.

The result of Tom's drug use on his family and friends was that a big distance was created between them and him. He felt he was in a downward plunge before he came to Narconon. The harder he tried to give up drugs, the more addicted he became.

After a certain point in the program, Tom said he gained some insight into what had been driving his addiction. "This was different," he said, "I could see light at the end of the tunnel. I could see that I may NOT have to be an addict for the rest of my life. It was a huge moment."

Rehab Graduate Review Tom

After completing the whole Narconon program and being clean, Tom said, "Life today is as it's meant to be. I feel it. I get to experience it. I feel things; I feel pain; I feel sadness; I feel happiness; I feel joy. I feel. It's pretty wonderful."

Life can be full of feeling again and the numbness from using drugs can be reversed. Call today to get started on the program.

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