Narconon Arrowhead Review: Tony O

Characteristics and Costs of Drug Abuse

Drug Rehab Graduate Tony O.

Drug abusers have several things in common that can keep them trapped in a drug problem. These three main common characteristics are cravings, guilt and depression. When a person becomes addicted, he (or she) will continue to take drugs even though he knows that it is destructive to himself, his relationships or his job. If he stops, he is going to go through the agony of drug withdrawal and intense cravings. The fear of withdrawal symptoms will keep many people from even trying to get sober.

The cost of maintaining a drug habit also leads many abusers to do things they would have never have done before they were addicts. Like stealing from and lying to those they love. The harm they do to those they love results in guilt, regrets and isolation. This is normally followed by depression and a rather hopeless or apathetic outlook that things could ever get better.

Addiction destroys everything an addiction values — his health, his friendships and loving relationships with family. Just as an addict suffers losses, so does society. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that society's losses amount to more than $600 billion each year, including lost productivity, health and crime-related costs. Even though drug abuse is occurring in every town in the US and in every corner of the world, families often don't know there's a problem until a crisis occurs. It would be much better for all concerned if the family could help their family member to avoid the pitfall of drug abuse in the first place. But if a person has already fallen into the trap of drug abuse, how does he get out?

Getting Help When you Need It

When a person has reached the point that he knows he needs help, he may need the assistance of his family to find the right rehab. Luckily for tens of thousands of former drug users and their families, Narconon was there to help when it was needed. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has grown from one small program in an Arizona State prison in 1966 to nearly fifty residential rehab centers on six continents today.

The Drug-Free Narconon Program Helps People Achieve Lasting Sobriety

The program at Narconon is drug-free, that is, there are no substitute drugs given to help wean one off of drugs. The program includes eight steps, some of which help the person to address the physical aspects of drug abuse and some help with the mental or emotional aspects. In most cases it takes someone recovering from drug abuse from three to five months to complete the full Narconon program. However, if it takes longer, the person can remain at Narconon until he is confident that he can go on to lead a drug-free life. The majority of Narconon graduates remain free of drugs long after graduation.

Tony Found Help at Narconon

When he first came to Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma to get help with his drug problem, Tony felt a lot of guilt and regret for all the things he'd put his family and friends through. He said he was really down on himself too.

Drug Rehab Graduate Review Tony O.

Partway through the program, he was able to address some of the things he'd done and take responsibility for them. He said he "felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I just really started to feel good after that."

With the help of the Narconon program, Tony stayed clean and sober after his graduation. He said, "Now that I've been off drugs my life has been great! I feel like I no longer have that monkey on my back and I feel like I can accomplish anything I try."

Let this be the success story for your loved one. Find out much more about Narconon. Call today.

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